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Arts Liaisons

CPS Arts Liaisons serve as on-site arts leaders and champions in their school communities.

In each school across the district, the Arts Liaison:

  • Serves as the primary point of communication between their school, the CPS Department of Arts Education, Ingenuity, and community arts partners.
  • Works to ensure that students, educators, and administrators have access to vital arts-related information across all disciplines (visual art, music, theatre, dance, media arts).
  • Acts as an advocate by seeking actionable ways to expand and improve arts education and programming in their school and in the broader community.

Arts Liaisons must be (re)nominated every school year by their administrator. Administrators should complete this Liaison Renomination form

Before nominating a Liaison, the administrator should review the role description and expectations with the nominee.

SY23-24 Arts Liaison Learning & Resources

Arts Liaisons, please review the resources below, including opportunities to obtain a stipend for the work you do as the Arts Liaison. Stipend details are explained in the August Briefing. 

Arts Liaison Guide

August 2023 Briefing Resources

December 2023 Briefing Resources

May 2024 Briefing Resources

Arts Liaison Contact Information

Arts Liaison contact information is no longer available through the CPS Department of Arts Education website. To access the most current list of Arts Liaison contacts:

1) Visit

2) Click “Browse.”

3) Select “CPS Schools.”

4) Narrow your search of schools by clicking on the various filters provided (e.g., zip code, school type, etc.). Note that you can now filter schools by their self-identified programmatic or disciplinary interests. If you wish to generate a list of all Liaisons at all schools, do not select any filters.

5) Click “Search Schools.”

6) When your list of schools appears, click “Export List” in the upper right hand corner.

NOTE: The Department of Arts Education strongly discourages adding Arts Liaisons to general organizational mailing lists or otherwise sending bulk promotional communications to Arts Liaisons.

Arts Liaison Toolkit

The Arts Liaison Toolkit contains all the valuable resources distributed at Arts Liaison professional learning sessions and Summits.

Access Toolkit

Professional Learning for Arts Liaisons

Every school year, Arts Liaisons increase their leadership and advocacy skills at professional learning sessions, and establish arts partnerships at Ingenuity’s Summit series.

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