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Arts Addendum

The Purpose of the Arts Addendum

The Arts Addendum to the CPS Framework For Teaching was created to share how important and unique aspects of arts teaching practice in music, visual arts, theatre, and dance align with the CPS Framework for Teaching. School administrators and Arts educators should review this document prior to and during the REACH pre‐observation conference, observation, and post‐observation conference to review specific information about arts practice.

How to Use the Addendum

The CPS Arts Addendum should be used in conjunction with the full CPS Framework for Teaching Companion Guide. In the full Companion Guide, each component is described and every element is defined. There are also reflection questions for each component and examples of artifacts to develop a deeper understanding of the CPS Framework for Teaching.

Arts educators (in visual arts, theatre, music, and dance) and school administrators should use the Addendum to recognize that the work of arts educators is articulated in the CPS Framework for Teaching and also as a guide to understand what is unique about arts teaching practice.

Examples of Arts educators’ teaching practice at the Proficient and Distinguished levels of performance are provided for components in Domains 2 and 3.

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