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Other Arts Funding Resources

Explore opportunities to obtain grant and crowdsourced funding for arts initiatives at your school, and browse organizations that offer free/cheap arts supplies and equipment and/or educator discounts.

External Grant Funding Opportunities

  • Chicago Foundation for Education 2021-22 Educator Impact Fund (EIF)

    CFE’s Educator Impact Fund (EIF) aims to furnish school communities with the digital learning tools, physical equipment, and other classroom supplies necessary to support high-quality instruction and engagement. CFE plans to again support school communities in Chicago’s most disinvested, economically-disadvantaged neighborhoods through this initiative. Educator teams of 3 or more are encouraged to submit requests of up to $5,000, identifying specific supplies and equipment for broad staff use.

    Visit Educator Impact Fund

  • Fund for Teachers

    Teachers are most effective, and improve in their practice, when they are problem solvers and innovators, who take risks, learn, reflect, and collaborate. Teachers who pursue Fund for Teachers’ transformational learning experiences catalyze these problem-solving experiences for themselves and students, ultimately changing schools and communities. Fellowship proposals that prioritize teachers seeking solutions to their own, genuine problems of practice will be best aligned to grant goals. In addition, proposals that have the potential to center students as changemakers for problems in their communities are highly encouraged to apply. Individuals may apply for up to $5,000 and teams may apply for up to $10,000 (while team members may be from different schools, districts or states, all members must meet the eligibility criteria).

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  • Music Will

    Becoming a Music Will school or district begins with professional development for teachers.Once trained in the Music Will approach, K-12 educators either introduce new music programs for students at their schools or expand their existing music program. We also provide our teachers with ongoing support in the form of training, curriculum and, very often, grants of musical instruments and other important classroom tools and supplies.

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  • Lang Lang International Music Foundation

    Lang Lang’s awards include the music-intervention program Keys of Inspiration™ and a Young Scholars Program.

    Visit Lang Lang International Music Foundation

  • National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) Awards

    The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) was established as an independent, sister organization to the National Art Education Association (NAEA) to provide support for a variety of art education programs. A variety of Foundation grants are made only to NAEA members, including student and retired members, state/province associations, and recognized affiliates. Download the previous year’s NAEF Grant Guidelines here.

    Visit National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) Awards

  • P. Buckley Moss Foundation Teacher Grants

    The P. Buckley Moss Teacher Grant program provides funding for art supplies for teachers. These grants are given annually and may be up to $1,000.00 each. The purpose of the Teacher Grant is to support a new or evolving program that integrates the arts into education in the school classroom setting, with a special focus on those who learn differently.

    Visit P. Buckley Moss Foundation Teacher Grants

Crowdsourced Funding Resources

Resources for Free or Cheap Art Materials and Supplies

Educator Discounts and Freebies

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