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Arts Instruction Specialists

The Department of Arts Education has made it a strategic priority to increase peer-to-peer learning and deeply involve the district’s exemplary arts teachers in the development of quality instructional supports.

To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a cohort of Arts Instruction Specialists—outstanding CPS arts teachers with expert-level disciplinary knowledge and instructional skill who collaborate with the Department on the development and delivery of arts professional learning and instructional resources. They also serve as invaluable sources of support and information for arts teachers across the district.

Our Specialists represent four arts disciplines (Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre) across two grade bands (K–8 and 9–12).

To learn more about our Specialists, please email

2021–22 Arts Instruction Specialists

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    Elisa Foshay, Jones College Prep High School
    Joy Gross, Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School
    Gina Spears, Portage Park Elementary
    Pamela Swope, Talcott Fine Arts & Museum Academy Elementary
    Marion (MK) Victorson, Hibbard Elementary

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    Frank Cademartori, CICS-Irving Park
    Jenai Jenkins, Pritzker Elementary
    Meghan Rieger, Audubon Elementary
    Kelley Gossler, Lincoln Park High School
    Leo Park, Northside College Prep High School
    Michael Velasquez, Tilden High School

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    Alison Connelly, Hamline Elementary
    Alice Wedoff, Hibbard Elementary
    Elizabeth Williams, Franklin Fine Arts Academy
    Layne Drinkwater, Benito Juarez Community Academy
    Mary Beth Kordik, Mather High School

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    Visual Arts

    Catherine (Kitty) Conde, Ravenswood Elementary
    Peter Mariani, Clinton Elementary
    Aoko Omwony-Hope, Doolittle Elementary
    Claire Reynes, Twain Elementary
    Lara Spyer, Brighton Park Elementary
    Sarah Willett, Skinner North Classical School
    Fay Jenson, Taft High School

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