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Fine & Performing Arts Schools

Fine and Performing Arts Schools commit to providing an arts-rich learning experience across the curriculum. Our 70+ schools provide high-quality arts instruction, arts integration, and community partnerships. The best part? There are flexible neighborhood boundaries, and opportunities at both the elementary and high school levels, so apply now!

Find a full list of our schools here. The Department of Arts Education supports these schools in many different ways allowing for unique opportunities for our learners. Here are our standards at a glance and a list of our current professional learning opportunities.

School Events Calendar

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Grant Writing Toolkit

We offer many different opportunities and types of grants as part of the Fine & Performing Arts Schools program. In order to support this process we have developed a number of resources including; streamlined budget proposals, vendor shortlists, and an infographic with helpful information and guidance.

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline - December 15th, 2023
  • Acceptance Notice - February 2nd, 2024
  • Spending Deadline - April 19th, 2024
  • Funds Pulled Back - April 22nd, 2024

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Fine & Performing Arts Schools List

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  1. ART IN MOTION  773-820-9426   7415 S EAST END Chicago, IL 60649-3611
  2. AVALON PARK  773-535-6615   8045 S KENWOOD Ave Chicago, Illinois 60619
  3. BASS  773-535-3275   1140 W 66TH St Chicago, Illinois 60621
  4. BELMONT-CRAGIN  773-534-2900   6112 W FULLERTON Ave Chicago, Illinois 60639-2705
  5. BLAINE  773-534-5750   1420 W GRACE St Chicago, Illinois 60613
  6. BRENNEMANN  773-534-5766   4251 N CLARENDON Ave Chicago, Illinois 60613
  7. BRIGHT  773-535-6215   10740 S CALHOUN Ave Chicago, Illinois 60617
  8. CAMERON  773-534-4290   1234 N MONTICELLO Ave Chicago, Illinois 60651
  9. CANTY  773-534-1238   3740 N PANAMA Ave Chicago, Illinois 60634
  10. CARVER G  773-535-5674   901 E 133RD Pl Chicago, Illinois 60827-1427

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