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Teacher Professional Learning

We are committed to supporting CPS teachers in refining and improving their arts education practices. Every year, we offer a number of engaging district-wide professional learning events in a variety of formats, tailored to the needs, goals, and interests of our arts educators.

2023-24 Arts Education Professional Learning

In school year 2023-24, Department of Arts Education Professional Learning will focus on:

  • Accelerated, standards-aligned, discipline & grade-level best practices in curriculum, assessment, and instruction.
  • Student-centered, culturally responsive instructional strategies centering the CPS Inner Core.
  • Arts practice shifts in response to Classroom Learning Conditions.

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Professional Learning Resources

  • Alejandra Ramirez Lopez: Lost In You

    Alejandra Ramirez Lopez: Lost In You Learn More

    Team Leader Summits

    These districtwide sessions, focused on best instructional practices in arts education, allow CPS arts teachers to engage in interactive arts learning in their specific disciplines and grade bands, collaborate with peers to apply and reflect on demonstrated strategies, and acquire useful tools, techniques, and resources that can be immediately implemented in their classrooms.

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  • Brianna Kokoszka: Transcendental Actuality

    Brianna Kokoszka: Transcendental Actuality Learn More

    Communities of Practice

    As arts teachers, it can sometimes feel like you are “on an island,” with infrequent chances to connect with peers. That’s why we’ve created our Arts Communities of Practice (CoPs)—to offer you regular opportunities to learn with and from fellow arts teachers in your grade band and discipline. Facilitated by our Arts Instruction Specialists, CoPs meet regularly throughout the school year so that you can share resources and ideas, solve challenges, form common commitments for action and improvement, and offer each other feedback and support.

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  • Camila Morales: Banana Boatin’

    Camila Morales: Banana Boatin’ Learn More

    Arts Education Conference

    Attracting upwards of 500 attendees and offering a variety of inspiring arts workshops, presentations, panels, and maker spaces, the Conference provides an opportunity for Chicago’s arts educators to build and share knowledge and skills, gain new insights and understanding, and develop the vital relationships that allow their individual and shared work to flourish and thrive.

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