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Logo for Reverberate, A multi-disciplinary arts festival

The Chicago Public Schools' Department of Arts Education is pleased to announce RE·VER·BER·ATE, an annual arts celebration that will dramatically increase the visibility and connectivity of all city-wide student programs. Produced and run by CPS students and teachers, RE·VER·BER·ATE will feature gallery exhibitions, live student performances, film screenings, and more - offering all CPS arts students the opportunity to participate. The Chief Education Office has called on all schools and departments to refine and shift their work to embody the CPS Instructional Core, including a stronger focus on practice over outcomes and centering the voices, ambitions, and needs of CPS students. RE·VER·BER·ATE seeks to embody this call to action, while still drawing upon traditions from historic programs. When fully realized, RE·VER·BER·ATE will take over the downtown campus, connect our students to dynamic working artistic professionals and arts partners, and showcase the hard work and talent of our incredibly creative students and educators.


RE·VER·BER·ATE Teacher Survey

Please complete this survey before September 19, 2022, and email with any questions!

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