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Chicago Public School students are set to impress with their artistic talents and creativity at our upcoming multi-disciplinary arts festival!

Join us from April 27-30 for a four-day celebration of the arts, featuring visual art exhibitions, live music, dance, and theater performances, as well as engaging workshops where you can learn new skills and talents.

The festival is open to the public and free to attend. No tickets required! 
You can view performance schedules, sign-up for workshops, and see the festival map HERE.

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Performing Arts Opportunities

Here is the form to fill out to submit student performances for festival consideration. Dance, Music, and Theater are all combined into a single submission location.

RE·VER·BER·ATE LARGE Ensemble Submission Form

  • Large Ensemble submissions are open to teachers only and if selected, require that there is teacher support for the performance.

RE·VER·BER·ATE Solo, Duet & Small Ensemble Submission Form

  • Solo and Small Ensemble submissions may be submitted by the students themselves, by a teacher, or a parent/guardian on the student's behalf.
  • Please note that if selected, any students in this category that are in PreK-8th grade will require teacher or parental/guardian presence for the performance.

Wait, did I see you have a partnership with SoundTrap by Spotify? 
Yes, yes we do. If you’d like to be considered for a spot on the Spotify stage, make sure you select one of the Digital Music options under “Which performing arts discipline best describes your ensemble?"

RE·VER·BER·ATE seeks to offer a platform to as many student soloists, artists, and ensembles as possible over the course of four days. When curating the festival from all the submissions received, the RE·VER·BER·ATE team of DAE staff, Arts teachers, and students, will work to purposefully ensure a final set list that fully represents the breadth and depth of the arts across Chicago Public Schools, including artistic discipline, experience level, geography, cultural diversity, and instrumentation. We strongly encourage submissions that represent the lived experiences of students and educators across Chicago.

Important Dates - Performing Arts

Submission Window for all Performing Arts (PreK-12)
Date: December 15, 2022 - February 17, 2023 (deadline extended)

Notification of Acceptance
Date: February 24, 2023 (via email)

Visual Arts Opportunities

The Department of Arts Education is excited to announce three unique visual arts opportunities for the Spring of 2023 that will all be happening concurrently with RE*VER*BER*ATE. Please click the links below for submission guidelines for each opportunity and links to each of the submission portals.

Please download and thoroughly read the 2023 Submission Guidelines before submitting artwork. The guidelines contain direct links to the exhibition submission forms.

2023 All-City Elementary and High School Exhibition

The Department of Arts Education and the Design Museum of Chicago are excited to partner on the 2023 CPS All-City Elementary and High School Visual Arts Exhibition. Providing a unique opportunity to showcase student achievement in visual and media arts and exhibit their work in a highly-visible, public exhibition space in Chicago, this year’s spring exhibition will showcase 2D, 3D, and time-based artwork by CPS elementary and high school students.

Students in grades pre-k–12 from any CPS school (including district-managed, charter, contract, and options schools) are eligible to submit work to the 2023 ACVA Elementary + High School Exhibition. View last year’s exhibition here.

The deadline to submit artwork is March 31.

Important dates and submission guidelines

Art on TheMART

In conjunction with CPS All-City Visual Arts, Art on theMART will highlight selected CPS seniors' artwork from across the city in this second collaborative exhibition.

Artwork must be submitted by March 3, 2023 through the All-City Visual Arts High School Exhibition portal to be considered for the Art on theMART exhibition.

Important Dates And Submission Guidelines

All-City Film and Video Festival

The Department of Arts Education is excited to announce that we will be holding our first-ever All-City Film and Video Festival. The All-City Film and Video Festival will showcase student videos and short film projects that students have created during the 2022–23 school year.

Students in grades 6–12 from any CPS school (including district-managed, charter, contract, and options schools) are eligible to submit their work.

The deadline to submit a film/video is March 31.

important dates and submission guidelines

What if I have questions? 


Still have questions? Contact us at

We look forward to offering this new opportunity to you and your school communities. We thank you in advance for all your support and efforts in sharing the details of this event with your students.


We welcome our Performing Arts and Visual Arts Committees to the RE·VER·BER·ATE Festival Planning Crew. These CPS Teachers will be responsible for helping us plan the performances, exhibition spaces, talks, professional workshops for students, and much more! Please welcome our Performing and Visual Art Committees:

Performing Arts:


Diana Muhammad -  BEASLEY
Isabelle Collazo -  WELLS 
Melinda Wilson - CURIE HS 
Sarah Glover-Ibarra - ACERO - DE LA CRUZ


Erik Juhl - PETERSON
Nadine Smith - DYETT ARTS HS
Christian Smith - MATHER HS


Missy Metz - COONLEY
Rod Lewis - TILL

Visual Art:

Aoko Omwony-Hope  - DOOLITTLE
Chad Huggins - KELVYN PARK HS
Priscilla Chico - PULLMAN
Krystal Grover-Webb - EARHART
Francisco Liam Nuno  - SHIELDS

We can't wait for all the work that we do this school year.