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RE·VER·BER·ATE is a free multidisciplinary CPS arts festival featuring 100+ schools, 250+ performances, and 35+ workshops for students led by professional artists! The festival takes place downtown Chicago from May 1st to May 4th, 2024.

Our Annual Festival Celebrating Art and Artists

RE·VER·BER·ATE provides students in grades PreK - 12th with exhibition and performance opportunities, as well as free workshops in music, theatre, visual arts, and dance, and college, high school and career fairs throughout the various locations of the festival.

Partnering with The Chicago Cultural Center, the Design Museum of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, Art on theMART, and Jones College Prep, RE•VER•BER•ATE serves as a testament to what can happen when our students, teachers, and arts professionals of Chicago come together to create a truly unique event for our most eager learners and performers. We can’t wait to see you there!


RE·VER·BER·ATE brings together students, teachers and professional artists from across Chicago to create a singular event focused on artistic expression.

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    The All-City Performing Arts Spring Showcase features more than 250 performances from students in grades PreK through 12.

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    Choose from more than 35 workshops for students led by professional artists. Free workshops include jewelry making, song writing, shadow puppets, creating terrariums, improv, audition prep, painting, hip hop, video game music, devising theatre, and more.

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    Art fairs offer opportunities for students to learn about artistic opportunities and programs throughout the city. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to connect with colleges and universities at the College and Career Fair.

How did you select who will perform?

RE•VER•BER•ATE seeks to offer a platform to as many student soloists, artists, and ensembles as possible over the course of the festival days. When curating the festival from all the submissions received, the RE•VER•BER•ATE team of DAE staff and Arts teacher leaders, work purposefully ensure a final set list that fully represents the breadth and depth of the arts across Chicago Public Schools, including artistic discipline, experience level, geography, cultural diversity, and instrumentation. We strongly encouraged submissions that represent the lived experiences of students and educators across Chicago.

Download/Print RE·VER·BER·ATE Poster

RE•VER•BER•ATE 2024 Poster

What if I have questions?

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to offering this new opportunity to our CPS community again for the second year! And we are so excited to see everyone’s work.