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All-City Performing Arts

The All-City Performing Arts Program (ACPA) is one of CPS's oldest art traditions, going into its 60th year for SY 23-24. All students in grades 3rd – 12th in beginning through advanced levels in their art forms are eligible to join this districtwide music, theater, and dance program.

Students rehearse every Saturday during the fall semester, receiving diverse and engaging instruction from highly-qualified CPS arts educators and local teaching artists in the Chicago Community. They go on to perform in a Winter Showcase in December, which is held on-site at Jones College Prep. Students then work the entire second semester to get ready for a Spring Showcase in May, which is held at a unique location in downtown Chicago that further exemplifies our students and their hard work.

Watch the 2022 All-City Performing Arts Spring Showcase!

For a second year running, our All-City Performing Arts directors moved their ensemble rehearsals to a virtual format so that dedicated CPS students across the district could continue to dance, sing, play, and perform together. Months of their inventive and tireless work have culminated in the 2021-22 All City Performing Arts Virtual Spring Showcase, which premiered on June 11th, 2022 on YouTube.

This showcase spotlights the talents of over 150 elementary and high school students from 114 CPS schools across the district who have participated virtually in Modern Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Percussion, Orchestra, Choir, Music & Media Production, Theatre, and Dance ensembles throughout the entirety of the 2021-22 school year. This event carries on a vibrant CPS tradition that has thrived for 59 years!

We are so proud of our All-City students for their resilience, hard work, creativity, and imagination. We also extend our deepest thanks to the All-City directors for creating space and time for students to express themselves and connect with each other, and to all the parents and family members for supporting and nurturing the passions and creativity of their children.

Watch the 2022 Spring Showcase!

Showcases and Exhibitions

  • Iriz Lugo: Amelia Earhart

    Iriz Lugo: Amelia Earhart Learn More

    All-City Performing Arts Showcase

    You can now view our ACPA Spring 2022 Performances via our YouTube channel!

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  • Stephanie Jimenez: Fish

    Stephanie Jimenez: Fish Learn More

    SUPERFest Recap Videos

    SUPERFest is a virtual, free, multi-disciplinary festival for Chicago Public School students grades 6–12. The event is open to any students that attend a CPS school (including district-managed, charter, contract, and options schools). This two-day conference style event will provide free 1-hour workshops, performances, artist talks, master classes, and college and career connections for students to engage in. 

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  • Jovanni Carteno: Hibiscus

    Jovanni Carteno: Hibiscus Learn More

    All City Visual Arts Virtual Opening

    We have come a long way! We are so happy to everyone who has contributed videos over the past few days, and every artists involved in the 2022 All-City Visual Arts Elementary & High School Exhibition

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  • Isabella Yan: Pops of James Baldwin

    Isabella Yan: Pops of James Baldwin Learn More

    Visit the 2022 All-City Senior Portfolio Exhibition

    The CPS Department of Arts Education, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Design Museum of Chicago present the 2022 All-City Senior Portfolio Exhibition. This amazing exhibition features 168 seniors from 34 CPS network, contract and charter schools.

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All-City Performing Arts Program