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Arts Student Voice Committee

The Arts Student Voice Committee (ASVC) is a diverse group of CPS high school students who work with the Department of Arts Education (DAE) team to discuss, create, and execute strategies for improving arts education in Chicago Public Schools.

The ASVC meets regularly to discuss issues related to arts education in CPS and selects an issue or issues that they feel strongly about and can potentially impact with their actions. They then create actionable strategies for addressing these issues. DAE team members review, offer feedback on, and approve these strategies, and provide oversight and support for their execution.

They also contribute their ideas and talents to DAE events and programs in order to amplify and encourage student voice in arts education.

Watch the SY20-21 ASVC in Action!

Rest & Renew: As part of the 2021 Arts Education Conference: Rest & Renew, the ASVC collaborated with musician Cole DeGenova to write lyrics for an original song celebrating our amazing teachers, arts partners, and students for persisting through a challenging school year.

Watch the SY19-20 ASVC in Action!

Why The Arts?: To accompany Amplifying Essential Voices, our April 2020 Conference Keynote and Panel event, the ASVC created this video about the importance of arts education that cleverly riffs on Kahoot!, the popular learning platform.

Thank You, CPS Arts Teachers: The ASVC express their gratitude to CPS arts teachers at the end of the SY20 school year.

CPS Arts Student Voice Committee Application
SY '22-'23

Application closes Sept 12th


Arts Student Voice Committee