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The CPS Department of Arts Education & Wells Community Academy High School partner to present RE:ALIZE, the premier early college arts program in Chicago.

Are you looking to expand your creativity beyond traditional classrooms? Are you dreaming of exploring Visual Arts through multiple mediums and materials? RE:ALIZE may be the perfect program for you! 

Applications are now open for the 2023-2025 visual arts cohort at RE:ALIZE, the premier FREE Early College Arts Program from the Department of Arts Education at Chicago Public Schools. 

What is RE:ALIZE?

The CPS Department of Arts Education, City Colleges of Chicago & Wells Community Academy High School partner to present RE:ALIZE, the premier FREE early college arts program in Chicago.

RE:ALIZE provides a two-year sequence of standards-based, culturally-relevant, rigorous coursework in Visual Arts. In addition to completing 12 COLLEGE CREDITS in the visual arts through Dual Enrollment courses, RE:ALIZE students will each join interdisciplinary studios, facilitated by Artists-In-Residence, and complete work-based learning opportunities within their field. Each student graduates as an artistically-minded and analytical lifelong learner, whose RE:ALIZE experience culminates in a presentation of a Senior Portfolio that is the result of a sustained artistic investigation and speaks to their arts-rich post-secondary plan.

For more information, and an in depth look at the RE:ALIZE program, click here.


Student Application

Who is RE:ALIZE for?

Student who are:

  • Interested in pursuing Visual Arts
    • No prior experience required
    • No portfolio required
  • Open to experimenting with several mediums and materials
  • Willing and able to commit to RE:ALIZE for 2 FULL YEARS–13 hours per week
    • If accepted, RE:ALIZE will be your after school activity. If you enroll in this program you will not be able to participate in any clubs or sports that take place after school on weekdays.
  • Rising Juniors with:
    • A 2.5 Cumulative GPA
    • A 90% Attendance Rate
    • Consent from their High School + Parent/Guardian 

Travel Requirements

The program will require that you travel to both Wells Community Academy High School (936 N Ashland Ave) and a City College campus. Free Ventra cards will be provided for all program related travel.

If you have questions about the program, please email us at or call (773) 534-0756.