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Skyline is Chicago Public Schools’ universal PreK-12 curriculum, built in partnership with hundreds of CPS teachers. Throughout each and every year, you will see improvements and additions to the resources, based on feedback from teachers and students across the city. Last year (SY23), thousands of teachers continued to use Skyline in their classrooms and over 100 teachers served on the Skyline Curriculum Collaborative, a community of CPS educators from across the district who shape the future of Skyline. Their feedback—and feedback from their students—directly informed the revisions that you see this year (SY24). Interested in getting involved? Visit the Get Involved page to learn more.

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Skyline courses were developed to support our English learners and diverse learners, with language supports and opportunities for differentiation built into the lessons, and accessibility features built into the platforms. Additionally, social emotional learning elements were incorporated across each course to support our student’s mental health and create safe and supportive classroom communities.

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If you or a member of your team encounter challenges using Skyline, please visit the Service Now website and open a support ticket, or simply call 773-553-3925 and a support ticket will be opened for you.

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