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English Language Arts

The CPS vision for advanced literacy is elevated and integrated in the Skyline ELA curriculum. It involves five key practices and instructional shifts that drive literacy instruction forward. The key practices are as follows: abundant reading of diverse engaging texts, extensive discussion, frequent process-based writing, rigorous and authentic learning experiences, and communicating and creating content in a modern digital environment.

Courses were developed with UbD (Understanding by Design) principles, and include high quality, culturally relevant, and rigorous texts. The curriculum materials provide instructional opportunities (questions, tasks, and activities) that grow students’ knowledge of topics and themes while advancing literacy skills. The curriculum also provides cohesive and comprehensive instruction for early reading and writing development.

Skyline ELA assessments include varied types to allow access to a variety of learners, uses varied modes (e.g. pre-, formative, summative and self-assessment measures) and styles of assessment (e.g. performance tasks, portfolio reviews, writing, etc) that vary over the course of the year.

All Skyline ELA courses were designed to include supports for UDL (universal design for learning) social and emotional learning, and English learners. These features distinguish Skyline ELA as an equitable, standards-aligned, high-quality curriculum

Classroom Materials

The Skyline digital curriculum is fully available to all district educators and their students. In addition to the online resources, the ELA courses include non-digital materials (e.g., classroom kits, texts). Please review the Comprehensive Skyline Materials List to preview the non-digital materials associated with the ELA curriculum.

Need Help?

If you or a member of your team encounter challenges using Skyline, please visit the Service Now website and open a support ticket, or simply call 773-553-3925 and a support ticket will be opened for you.