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Identified in partnership with CPS teachers, the Skyline mathematics courses feature Chicago traditions, events, organizations, and community members, tying mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios.

The curriculum offers UDL (universal design for learning) supports in every lesson, supporting the comprehension of mathematical concepts while practicing the skills or standards through alternate processes. Additionally, each lesson contains specific English learner supports across the various English proficiency levels.

These lesson supports include alternate graphic organizers, sentence frames, and strategic pairing. The Skyline curriculum highlights the five dimensions of powerful classrooms that incorporate routines that assist teachers in maintaining cognitive demand that allows for deep learning over time, while also providing equitable access through classroom activity structures that invite and support active engagement.

There are multiple opportunities for assessment in the Skyline mathematics courses, both formative and summative throughout every unit and lesson. Lesson-level formative assessments allow teachers to check students’ understanding and might include an observational or anecdotal checklist, exit tickets, Quick Quizzes that follow every 2-3 lessons found in Checkpoint, and Pre-Unit Assessments for grades K-8 found in Checkpoint.

Classroom Materials

The Skyline digital curriculum is fully available to all district educators and their students. In addition to the online resources, the Math courses include non-digital materials (e.g., classroom kits, texts). Please review the Comprehensive Skyline Required Texts/Materials List to preview the non-digital materials associated with the Math curriculum.