Parent Resources: Checking My Child's Grades and Attendance 

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Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a web-based tool that allows you to securely view your child’s grades and attendance online.

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What do I need to sign-up?

You will need your child's CPS ID number as well as your unique school-issued personal identification number (PIN) prior to creating an account. Please contact your child's school to learn how to obtain your PIN.

Upate your Contact Information

Attention parents: Please call your child's school to give them your current contact numbers. Updating your contact information in Parent Portal will NOT automatically update school records on emergency information.

What does Parent Portal include?

Here are a just a few features of Parent Portal:

  • Assignments: View your child’s upcoming assignments as well as past assignments, including due dates and grades received.
  • Triggers: Create a customized ‘alert event’ that will prompt an email or text message notification for attendance or grade activities. Note: Prior to configuring a cell phone text alert, please confirm your text message plan with your provider as standard rates will apply.
  • Manage multiple students: You only need one account to manage multiple students, regardless of the school. This feature allows you to add additional students to your account.
  • My settings: Manage your account, including updating passwords and email addresses.
  • Grades: View a summary of student averages from each report card period for all classes. Additionally, this screen serves as the point of entry for teacher-parent dialogue.
  • Attendance: View a list of all non-present attendance events, such as absences and tardies, recorded during the school year.
  • Calendar: View non-present attendance events by date as well as a high-level description of any campus or District events entered by the school administrator.

Additional Support

Please also note the following:

  1. The amount and frequency of information entered into Gradebook may vary from school to school and teacher to teacher. Talk to your child’s school about their grading policies for more information.
  2. The Parent Portal is not meant for school announcements. Please visit your school’s main Web site for upcoming events.
  3. If you do not have a home computer, please check with your child’s school to see if they have a designated computer. Alternatively, you can use your valid Chicago Public Library (CPL) card at any branch to access the Parent Portal. To use a CPL public computer, you must have a valid CPL card in good standing. Simply make an online reservation at the PC Reservation Station. You can choose from the next available PC or pick a time that is most convenient for you. Patrons are allowed two 1-hour PC sessions each day.
  4. Elementary cumulative cards and high school transcripts are not available on the Parent Portal. Please contact your child’s school for transcript information.



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