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CPS Student Safety Center

The Student Safety Center is the district’s 24/7 command center for safety communications.

As the district’s 24/7 command center for safety communications, the Student Safety Center manages the safety technology strategy and implementation for safety initiatives such as cameras and metal detectors. 

All emergency incidents can be reported to 773-553-3335.

Social Media Threats and Concerning Behaviors

Proactively, we all should be on the lookout for worrisome behaviors such as threats of harm to oneself or others. Please check in regularly with your child on how they’re doing. Since we know social media can be both helpful and harmful, be aware of how and with whom they are engaging on social media. School staff and our Central Office team are on the lookout for concerning, open source social media posts. Our partnership with Safer Schools Together helps us identify situations involving worrisome behaviors.

Know that concerning social media action can hit a flashpoint very quickly. Contact the school’s administration immediately with as much information as possible and collect screen shots to share. If it is after school hours, please also submit the information as soon as possible to the CPS Student Safety Center at The more immediate you send the information, the more helpful it will be in the investigation. And If you can include any screenshots, that will be very helpful.

School Safety and Security


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