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SchooLinks Planning Tool

Each student’s path is unique. Students at CPS use the SchooLinks software tool to discover their interests and to get ideas about possible options for life beyond high school.

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SchooLinks is the official college and career readiness platform for CPS students in grades 6-12. It helps students and their families create an individualized roadmap to serve each student's unique skills, interests, and goals for the future.

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A New Way to Support Your Student’s Future

SchooLinks is a modern, student-centric college and career planning platform that helps CPS students in grades 6-12 and families align personal interests and aspirations with preparation for life beyond high school.

Over time, students will build a personalized portfolio, complete career interest inventories, set goals, search for and apply to colleges and other postsecondary options, find scholarships, track earned certificates and credentials, tap into internship opportunities, develop a robust resume, and much, much more.

Understand Options Beyond High School

Whether it is starting college, learning a skilled trade, joining the military, or pursuing another postsecondary option, we have assigned grade-specific activities in SchooLinks to help you and your student explore postsecondary options and make informed decisions.

Self-Discovery Assessments

Self-discovery gives students opportunities to explore their interests and begin documenting their interests and personality traits in a comprehensive portfolio. A bundle of interactive activities and surveys are available to help guide your student to discover what makes them stand out, and to reflect on, learn about, and bookmark their favorite careers.

Explore Careers and Opportunities

Guide your student to discover, learn about, and favorite careers and postsecondary institutions based on their passions and aspirations.

College Lists & Favorites

Review colleges your student added to their favorites list and consider the suggested list from their counselor. Additionally, you can create a list of colleges you recommend for your student.

College Admission Stats

View where your student stands compared to other previously admitted students based on test scores and grades. This tool can be used to compare scores for any schools your student has favorited.

College Financing

Use this feature to estimate and compare college costs.

Help Your Student Graduate with a Concrete Postsecondary

Plan Graduating high school is both a landmark achievement for students and a starting place for their future success! Help your student align their coursework, interests, goals, and aspirations to meet the Learn.Plan.Succeed. requirement that requires seniors to provide evidence of their post- secondary plan on CPS SchooLinks ahead of their high school graduation.

Real-Time Progress Updates

Track your student’s career exploration and postsecondary planning progress through an interactive dashboard and modules.

Stay Connected

Stay in touch with your student’s school counselor. You can easily send them messages to remain up-to-date on your student’s progress.

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