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Executive Leadership

  • Headshot of Pedro Martinez

    Pedro Martinez

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Pedro Martinez, who has more than 20 years of experience in the private, nonprofit, and public education sectors, will begin serving as CEO of Chicago Public Schools on October 1, 2021. He previously served the district as Chief Financial Officer from 2003 - 2009 and is a product of Chicago Public Schools.

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  • Maurice Swinney

    Maurice R. Swinney

    Interim Chief Education Officer

    As the district’s first chief equity officer, Maurice Swinney was responsible for moving us closer to achieving educational equity, which is a moral imperative for CPS. In that role, Maurice examined our policies and programs for inequities and implemented strategies that minimize gaps in resources, staffing, and high-quality academic programming. He now serves as Interim Chief Education Officer.


  • Sherly Chavarria

    Sherly Chavarria

    Chief of Teaching and Learning

    Sherly is a bilingual, urban school leader with ten years of educational experience serving as an educator and administrator focused on equity and access at the classroom, school, and district level. 


  • Headshot of Bogdana Chkoumbova

    Bogdana Chkoumbova

    Chief Schools Officer

    Bogdana Chkoumbova is responsible for managing Chicago's 17 school networks and the Independent Schools Principals (ISP) Network by ensuring principal quality and strong school performance across the district.


  • Jadine Chou

    Jadine Chou

    Chief of Safety and Security

    As the district’s chief of safety and security, Jadine Chou helps schools maximize student achievement by promoting safe and calm environments and building relationships with students. Jadine oversees the safety operations for more than 380,000 students in more than 640 schools, and is responsible for supporting school administrators in their efforts to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff.


  • Kenneth L. Fox, MD

    Kenneth L. Fox, MD

    Chief Health Officer

    As the district’s chief medical professional, Dr. Kenneth Fox oversees the CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness. He serves as the principal spokesperson on student health issues and oversees health promotion efforts; direct health services; health information management; children and family benefits; and efforts to enroll students and families in public health insurance and the food stamps program (SNAP).


  • Kaitlyn Girard

    Kaitlyn Girard

    Labor Relations Officer

    In her role as labor relations officer, Kaitlyn Girard is deeply committed to building successful relationships with labor stakeholders to ensure every CPS student receives a high-quality public education.


  • Angelica Jacob

    Angelica Jacob

    Chief Internal Auditor

    Angelica "Angie" Jacob currently serves as the Chief Internal Auditor for Chicago Public Schools. In this role, she provides strategic leadership and oversight of the district's audit programs in compliance with applicable audit standards, regulations, governmental requirements, and policies.


  • Stephanie Jones, PHD

    Stephanie Jones, PhD

    Chief of Diverse Learner Supports and Services

    Dr. Stephanie Jones is a proud CPS alumna and has built her career around organizing and offering targeted support for vulnerable populations and students with diverse learning needs. As chief of diverse learner supports and services, Dr. Jones is responsible for providing strategic direction to district leaders and school administrators and staff to ensure high-quality, grade-level instruction and equitable supports and services for our diverse learners.


  • Jorge Macias

    Jorge Macias

    Chief of Language and Cultural Education

    Jorge Macias is committed to providing all language learners in the district an equitable, high-quality education, and focuses on providing language support to the district’s English Learners, refugee students, world language learners, and immigrant students. As an outstanding bilingual educator, Jorge also provides targeted support to bilingual teachers, empowers the parents of English Learners, and improves language educational resources for all CPS schools.


  • Jonathan Maples

    Jonathan Maples

    Chief Procurement Officer

    Jonathan Maples has served as the district’s chief procurement officer since 2017, overseeing all vendor management services to schools and Central Office locations and ensuring the district’s procurement practices are aligned with the CPS mission and values.


  • Person icon

    Lindy McGuire

    Interim Chief Operating Officer

    As the district’s Interim Chief Operating Officer, Lindy oversees all operational functions within CPS to ensure that all provided resources and services are aligned with the Five-Year Vision for the district.


  •  Miroslava Mejia Krug

    Miroslava Mejia Krug

    Chief Financial Officer 

    As chief financial officer (CFO), Miroslava Mejia Krug is responsible for fulfilling our vision’s commitment to financial stability through effective budget planning, maximizing available funds, and ensuring an equitable distribution of resources across the district.


  • Lenny Moore

    Lenny Moore


    As the CPS controller, Lenny Moore has a wide range of responsibilities relating to the district’s financial health, including increasing the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of CPS’ accounting and reporting duties.


  • Joe Moriarty

    Joe Moriarty

    General Counsel

    As the Board’s General Counsel, Joe Moriarty is responsible for the legal affairs of the Board of Education. He oversees the Law Department and a staff of attorneys and legal professionals who advise and assist the Board, the chief executive officer, departments and schools on a wide range of legal matters. 


  • Headshot of Camie Pratt

    Camie Pratt

    Title IX Officer

    A licensed attorney and mediator, Camie Pratt leads the CPS Office of Student Protections and Title IX, which was established by the district in 2018 to protect Chicago’s students from gender discrimination and sexual harassment, violence, and abuse. Camine strives to help CPS create equitable access to high-quality public education and foster supportive learning environments where all students feel safe.


  • Wally Stock

    Wally Stock

    Treasurer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    As treasurer and deputy chief financial officer, Wally Stock supports the district’s fiscal stability by overseeing debt and cash management. Wally ensures all of the district’s obligations are paid on time to provide students with the resources they need to learn and grow.


  • Bryan Stokes

    Bryan Stokes II

    Chief of Early Childhood Education

    As chief of early childhood education, Bryan leads our district’s efforts to implement free universal pre-k for all four-year-olds in Chicago.

  • Heather Wendell

    Heather Wendell

    Chief Budget Officer

    As the district's budget director, Heather Wendell provides fiscal support for CPS and its $5.7 billion operating budget. Heather assists school and department leaders to maximize and align funds to their programmatic priorities that support staff, students, and school communities. Heather also focuses on ensuring both internal and external stakeholders have access to transparent, easily-understandable, and useful budget information.