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Executive Leadership

Leadership Team

  • Headshot of Pedro Martinez

    Pedro Martinez

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Pedro Martinez, who has more than 20 years of experience in the private, nonprofit, and public education sectors, will begin serving as CEO of Chicago Public Schools on October 1, 2021. He previously served the district as Chief Financial Officer from 2003 - 2009 and is a product of Chicago Public Schools.

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  • Chief Education Officer - Bogdana Chkoumbova

    Bogdana Chkoumbova

    Chief Education Officer

    As Chief Education Officer, Bogdana Chkoumbova ensures that students across Chicago have access to high-quality educational experiences that will help prepare them for success in college and fulfilling careers.

  • Chief Health Officer - Dr. Sofia Adawy Akintunde

    Dr. Sofia Adawy Akintunde

    Chief Health Officer

    As the District’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Sofia Adawy Akintunde is responsible for eliminating health-related barriers to learning and advancing child health equity within our schools.

  • Controller - James Patrick Alforque

    James Patrick Alforque


    James Patrick T. Alforque has over 25 years of experience in auditing and accounting. Previously, he worked at Roosevelt University as the Controller for over 10 years and recently, at Northeastern Illinois University as the Controller prior to joining Loyola University Chicago as the Senior Director for Accounting and Financial Reporting.

  • Karime Asaf

    Chief of Language and Cultural Education

    A Colombian-Jordanian who migrated to Chicago in 1980, language and culture have always been central in Asaf’s life as a bilingual student, educator, school leader, and parent. A Senn High School graduate, Asaf has extensive experience as a bilingual and special education teacher.

  • Shelly Banks - Chief Internal Auditor

    Shelly Banks

    Chief Internal Auditor

    Prior to joining CPS as the Chief Internal Auditor, Shelly Banks served St. Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church and Day School for five years as their Chief Operating Officer.

  • Alfonso Carmona

    Alfonso Carmona

    Chief Portfolio Officer

    Dr. Alfonso Carmona has been appointed to the role of Chief Portfolio Officer for the District. He began his CPS career 19 years ago as a bilingual education teacher and went on to serve as both an assistant principal and principal after completing the New Leaders Aspiring Principals Program.

  • Jadine Chou

    Jadine Chou

    Chief of Safety and Security

    As the district’s chief of safety and security, Jadine Chou helps schools maximize student achievement by promoting safe and calm environments and building relationships with students. Jadine oversees the safety operations for more than 380,000 students in more than 640 schools, and is responsible for supporting school administrators in their efforts to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff.


  • Fatima Cooke

    Fatima Cooke

    Chief of Equity, Engagement and Strategy

    Fatima Cooke has been appointed Chief of Equity, Engagement and Strategy. Prior to this position, Cooke served as the Deputy Chief of Schools for Network 5. 

  • Ben Felton - Chief Talent Officer

    Ben Felton

    Chief Talent Officer

    As Chief Talent Officer, Ben Felton oversees the District’s work to support and empower its employees through all stages of their careers. He has been especially involved in efforts to build teacher pipelines that ensure students have access to diverse, high-quality educators. 

  • Norman Fleming

    Norman Fleming

    Chief Information Officer

    As the Chief Information Officer, Mr. Norman Fleming will provide strategic leadership and coordination in the use of technology, including support services to educational and city-wide operations at Chicago Public Schools. He has over twenty-five years of digital transformation, information technology, and business leadership experience for Fortune 500 companies. 

  •  Ivan Hansen - Chief Facilities Officer

    Ivan Hansen

    Chief Facilities Officer

    As Chief Facilities Officer, Ivan Hansen oversees the District’s mission to provide CPS families with schools that are warm, safe, and dry as well as comfortable classrooms that will catalyze learning. For almost 30 years, Ivan has dedicated his professional career to improving public facilities and resources for the residents of Chicago.

  • Patricia Hernandez - Chief Procurement Officer

    Patricia Hernandez

    Chief Procurement Officer

    As the Chief Procurement Officer, Patricia Hernandez leads the District’s efforts around issuing solicitations, vendor management, and business diversity. Hernandez, a proud product of Nightingale Elementary and former CPS parent, is an experienced and dedicated public servant with more than 25 years of experience supporting CPS, most recently as the District’s Acting Chief Procurement Officer.

  • Megan Hougard

    Megan Hougard

    Chief of College and Career Success

    As the Chief of College and Career Success, Megan Hougard helps ensure that CPS students have the support needed to succeed beyond graduating from high school. By focusing on investments in multiple postsecondary pathways, she envisions students from every neighborhood in Chicago being able to pursue fulfilling careers that reflect their passions. 

  • Joshua Long

    Chief of Diverse Learner Supports and Services

    As the Chief of Diverse Learner Supports and Services, Joshua Long provides leadership and strategic support to implement the core instructional vision and goals for serving the District’s students with disabilities. He is an experienced and dedicated public servant with more than 20 years of experience as a CPS school leader and educator.  

  • Charles Mayfield image

    Charles Mayfield

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Chief Operating Officer, Charles Mayfield is responsible for working closely with the CEO and other District leaders to ensure that the District’s priorities and core values are reflected through the resources and services CPS provides to students, staff, and families.

  •  Leslie McKinily - Chief Early Childhood Education Officer

    Leslie McKinily

    Chief Early Childhood Education Officer

    Leslie McKiniliy has been an integral part of CPS' Office of Early Childhood for 20 years. Most recently, she served as Deputy Chief Officer, overseeing the district's preschool application and universal preschool expansion (UPK) strategies, resulting in the 7,000-seat expansion of universal free full-day preschool for four-year-old children.

  •  Miroslava Mejia Krug

    Miroslava Mejia Krug

    Chief Financial Officer 

    As chief financial officer (CFO), Miroslava Mejia Krug is responsible for fulfilling our vision’s commitment to financial stability through effective budget planning, maximizing available funds, and ensuring an equitable distribution of resources across the district.


  • Nicole Milberg - Chief of Teaching and Learning

    Nicole Milberg

    Chief of Teaching and Learning

    As the Chief of Teaching and Learning, Nicole Milberg provides leadership and strategic support to implement the District’s core instructional vision and goals. She is the proud parent of two CPS students and has more than 20 years of experience as an educator and school leader. 

  • Sydney Golliday

    Sydney Morris

    Chief of Staff to the Chief Education Officer

    Sydney Morris has been appointed Chief of Staff to the Chief Education Officer. Morris has served in leadership positions with CPS for the past 21 years. Prior to her current role, Morris served as the Principal of John B. Drake Elementary School for seven years. During her tenure at Drake as the principal, she transformed her entire school community by supporting and inspiring her staff, the students, and the parents. 

  • Miguel Perretta

    Miguel Perretta

    Chief Labor Relations Officer

    As Chief Labor Relations Officer, Miguel Perretta leads the District’s labor negotiations and serves as the District’s labor counsel. He joins the District from Denver Public Schools, where he worked in several roles, including as the executive director of labor and employee relations. He also previously worked for CPS as an assistant general counsel for labor relations.

  • Headshot of Camie Pratt

    Camie Pratt

    Chief Title IX Officer

    A licensed attorney and mediator, Camie Pratt leads the CPS Office of Student Protections and Title IX, which was established by the district in 2018 to protect Chicago’s students from gender discrimination and sexual harassment, violence, and abuse. Camine strives to help CPS create equitable access to high-quality public education and foster supportive learning environments where all students feel safe.


  • Seth Rau image

    Seth Rau

    Senior Advisor to the CEO

    As a Senior Advisor to the CEO, Seth Rau oversees the District's state legislative affairs work in Springfield. He looks for ways to secure additional resources and develop innovative ideas to ensure that every student in CPS has access to an excellent education.

  • Lauro Roman

    Lauro Roman

    Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer

    Lauro Roman has been appointed the District’s Chief of Staff. Prior to this role, he served as Deputy Chief of Staff during the transition of administrations and under CEO Martinez. 

  • Felicia Sanders

    Felicia Sanders

    Chief Schools Officer

    As Chief Schools Officer, Felicia Sanders is responsible for ensuring strong school performance across the District by leading its 17 school networks and its Independent Schools Principals (ISP).

  • Michael Sitkowski - Chief Budget Officer

    Michael Sitkowski

    Chief Budget Officer

    Sitkowski brings a wealth of public sector finance experience in school funding, budget development and management, strategic resource allocation, and long-term fiscal planning to his new role as chief budget officer, with more than 10 years of service in CPS’ Office of Finance.


  • Wally Stock

    Wally Stock

    Treasurer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

    As treasurer and deputy chief financial officer, Wally Stock supports the district’s fiscal stability by overseeing debt and cash management. Wally ensures all of the district’s obligations are paid on time to provide students with the resources they need to learn and grow.


  • Melissa Stratton

    Melissa Stratton

    Chief Communications Officer

    As Chief Communications Officer, Melissa Stratton ensures that the District’s families, staff, and other stakeholders are well-informed about updates, accomplishments, and opportunities within CPS. She is a seasoned communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in media relations, government affairs and policy with the City of Chicago.


  • Chuck Swirsky

    Chuck Swirsky

    Senior Advisor to the CEO

    As a Senior Advisor to the CEO, Chuck maintains collaborative partnerships with local and federal elected leaders while overseeing the planning, development, and execution of legislation and municipal ordinances that affect CPS schools and students. 

  •  Ruchi Verma - General Counsel

    Ruchi Verma

    General Counsel

    As general counsel, Ruchi Verma leads the District’s Law Department, advising on general litigation, labor and employment matters, school law, school finance, student discipline, commercial transactions, and workers’ compensation.