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Chicago Board of Education

The Chicago Board of Education ("Board") is a governing body appointed by the mayor and is responsible for the oversight of Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

CPS is committed to transparency, and working with the Board is a vital part of ensuring that every action we take is thoughtful, equitable, and meets our high standards of excellence and integrity. The Board ensures CPS is progressing toward its long-term goal of providing a high-quality, world-class education for every student in every neighborhood in Chicago.

Please visit the Board website for information relating to the Board’s public meetings, agendas and schedules, and all other actions that impact our school communities.


The members of the Chicago Board of Education are appointed by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. They are a diverse group of committed, distinguished, and highly-accomplished experts in their professions, as well as prominent leaders in social, civic, and cultural affairs.