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Principal Advisory


  • Adriana Arias

    Adriana Arias

    Adriana Arias is the proud principal of Nightingale Elementary School in the Gage Park neighborhood. Adriana joined the Principal Advisory Council to share ideas and listen to different perspectives.


  • Angelica Altamirano

    Angélica Altamirano

    Hubbard High School

    Angélica Altamirano has been a CPS educator for 20 years. She is proudly serving in her third year as principal of Hubbard High School. As a member of the Principal Advisory Council, Angélica looks forward to bringing her experiences as a CPS English learner, CPS parent, and CPS teacher to conversations on district-wide issues that will impact all stakeholders.


  • Amy Vondra Hamilton

    Dr. Amy Vondra

    Alexander Hamilton Elementary School

    Dr. Amy Vondra is the principal of Alexander Hamilton Elementary School and serves on the PAC in order to support the district’s continuous improvement efforts to provide a high-quality education to all students.


  • Alberto Juarez

    Alberto Juarez

    Joseph E. Gary Elementary School

    Alberto Juarez is the proud principal of Joseph E. Gary Elementary School in the Little Village neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest Side. Alberto joined the PAC so he could represent fellow Network 7 schools in discussions on district-wide policies and initiatives.


  • Barbara San-Roman

    Barbara SanRoman

    George Washington High School

    Barbara San-Roman is currently the principal of George Washington High School on the Southeast side. She believes that serving as a member of the Principal Advisory Council creates the space to impact her school community at a greater scale and also allows her to better understand the policies at the district level that directly impact her school. She believes that deepening the connection between the school and the district has a significant impact on the students she serves.


  • Brigitte Swenson

    Brigitte Swenson

    Peace and Coalition High School

    Brigitte Swenson has proudly dedicated twenty-two years to the Peace and Education Coalition High School (PECHS) as a founding teacher and principal. After leading PECHS for eleven years, she continues to focus on positively impacting the educational experiences of our district’s most vulnerable students. As a member of the PAC, Brigitte hopes to offer her perspective, experience, and support to the district as CPS continues its commitment to equity and excellence for all students.


  • Charles Bright

    Charlie Bright

    Bret Harte Elementary

    Charlie Bright is the principal at Bret Harte Elementary School - a Level 1 elementary school in Hyde Park. Charlie has cultivated partnerships with the University of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, MAC Properties, and other organizations. These partnerships connect with the school’s vision to promote learners and leaders who actively engage in real world experiences, problem solving, and critical thinking. In 2019, Charlie was the recipient of The Outstanding Mentor Award from The University of Chicago’s Office of Civic Engagement.


  • Emily Mason Muchin

    Emily Mason

    Muchin College Prep

    Emily Mason is the proud principal of Muchin College Prep (Go Mountain Lions!), and serves on the PAC to bring a charter school perspective to district policy discussions and actions. Emily is also focused on bringing what she learns from the PAC back to her own network.


  • Fareeda Shabazz

    Fareeda Shabazz

    Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School

    Fareeda Shabazz is the founding principal of Richard T. Crane Medical Preparatory High School, Chicago’s premier health science high school. As principal, Fareeda is responsible for directing Crane’s marketing and branding efforts, establishing viable and sustainable partnerships within the Illinois Medical District, developing a student-focused college-preparatory curriculum, and recruiting dedicated teachers. Fareeda joined the PAC in order to serve her fellow educators and to share her perspective on developing and sustaining new schools in the district.


  • Dr. Leonard Harris

    Dr. Leonard Harris

    Nancy B. Jefferson School

    Dr. Leonard Harris is in his third year serving as principal of Nancy B. Jefferson School, which exclusively serves detained youth. Jefferson students have identifiable needs that must be met for graduation, and by targeting these needs, Leonard has improved student outcomes significantly. These needs are universal, and Leonard joined the PAC to share knowledge and learn new strategies to help all CPS students succeed. 


  • Margaret Byrne

    Margaret Byrne

    Northwest Middle School

    Margaret Byrne is the principal of Northwest Middle School and is serving on the PAC to learn about district policies and collaborate with colleagues.


  • Manda Lukic

    Manda M. Lukic

    Daniel Beard Elementary School

    Manda Lukic has served as the principal at Daniel Beard Elementary School for over eight years. As an intervention school promoting successful early childhood outcomes, Beard provides immediate support services to two distinctly different groups of students: preschoolers and kindergarten through third-grade students with diverse learning needs. Manda believes that all students can learn, regardless of their disability or age. 


  • Maria Terasa Campos

    Dr Maria Teresa Campos

    Lozano Bilingual International Center

    Dr. Maria Teresa Campos (Terri) is the principal of Lozano Bilingual International Center. She joined the Principal Advisory Council (PAC) to become part of a group of like-minded intellectuals focused on a common goal: student achievement. The PAC is the perfect opportunity to gain feedback from colleagues on ways to improve systems and structures at Lozano that will positively influence student achievement.


  • Joseph Paul-Powers

    P. Joseph Powers, Ph.D.

    Jones College Prep

    P. Joseph Powers joined CPS in 2008 as principal of Jones College Prep and serves on the PAC to provide district leadership with a perspective informed by more than 45 years in the field of education.


  • Jennifer Sutton

    Jennifer Sutton

    Friedrich Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

    Jennifer Sutton is in her twenty-first year as an educator and her second year as principal at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center. Jennifer joined the PAC to support the district’s focus on equity, design solutions based on the CPS Five-Year Vision, and focus on providing schools with the resources they need to succeed.


  • Jasmine Thurmond

    Jasmine L. Thurmond

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice

    Jasmine L. Thurmond is the principal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Social Justice in the Englewood community on the South Side of Chicago. She joined the PAC because it is an opportunity to help the CPS vision come into fruition, and actively and positively contribute to refining district-wide policies and procedures to ultimately increase student achievement and success.


  • Jennifer Ventimiglia


    Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy (IJLA)

    Jennifer Ventimiglia serves as the principal of Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy (IJLA), a small Options high school in Pilsen known affectionately in the community as “Rudy” in memory of the late civil rights activist Rudy Lozano. True to its namesake, IJLA students, staff, and community members work together to transform societal injustices into positive, equitable change. Jennifer joined the Principal Advisory Council to collaborate with the district and other educational leaders while representing the needs of students in an alternative setting.


  • Jimmy A Lugo

    Jimmy A Lugo

    Harriet Beecher Stowe Dual Language School

    Dr. Jimmy A. Lugo is the principal of Harriet Beecher Stowe Dual Language School in Humboldt Park. As a member of this year’s Principal Advisory Council, Principal Lugo looks forward to sharing input on current issues and concerns.


  • Kelly Thigpen

    Kelly Thigpen

    Burnside Scholastic Academy

    Kelly Thigpen is principal of Burnside Scholastic Academy on the South Side of Chicago, and serves on the PAC as a voice for her staff, students, and families. Over the past 20-plus years, Kelly has developed a big-picture perspective on the district through her experiences as a CPS student, parent, teacher, math coach, assistant principal, and currently, principal.