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Principal Advisory


  • Adrian Dobbin

    Eugene Field Elementary School

    Education is not just a job or career, it's my passion. I have been serving students since I was a tutor in high school at Dunbar in 1992. This experience was epic in my career exploration and decision-making.

  • Charles Anderson

    Charles Anderson

    Clark HS

    Charles Anderson is the principal and entering his 8th year at Michele Clark. Before that, he served for four years as an elementary principal at Biedler. He is very excited to be on the Principal Advisory Council to give action to improve more equitable outcomes for our students.

  • Dr. Cory Overstreet

    Cory Overstreet


    Dr. Cory Overstreet is the principal of Kellogg and is entering his 20th year in CPS. He has served multiple Chicago communities as a high school teacher, high school and elementary school assistant principal, and elementary school principal. He is honored and proud to represent the dynamic principals and communities within Network 10.

  • David Pieper

    David Pieper

    YCCS - Association House

    David Pieper has been a leader at YCCS- Association House High School for over 10 years. He believes in a holistic approach to education, provides critical support, and ensures that the school is a driver for the advancement of students and the community.

  • Dr. Ernest Williams

    Ernest Williams


    Dr. Ernest Williams, principal of Edward K. Ellington, is a passionate, creative, and dedicated educational leader who believes: all children can learn and should have access to free high-quality education; student achievement can be improved by data-driven teaching and learning, and students should have a climate and culture that is safe and supportive.

  • Dr. Fareeda Shabazz Anderson

    Fareeda Shabazz

    Payton College Prep

    Dr. Fareeda Shabazz Anderson proudly serves as the principal of Walter Payton College Preparatory High School. Fareeda is entering her 10th year as principal in Chicago Public Schools and is dedicated to developing competent and resilient leaders to tackle America’s most daunting educational issues such as the achievement gap, teacher retention, school reform, and organizational leadership.

  • Gerald Morrow

    Gerald Morrow

    Dunbar HS

    My name is Gerald Morrow. I have been in education for over 32 years and a principal for 17 years. My leadership experience has been one of many opportunities to learn and grow. It is a wonderful journey being a school leader. My focus has been on providing equity and access to our most vulnerable young people.

  • Homero Penuelas

    Homero Penuelas

    Curie HS

    Homero Penuelas is the principal of Curie High School, he is deeply committed to eliminating educational inequities for Chicago’s students by eliminating barriers to higher-level courses and providing social and emotional support for all students in conjunction with a restorative approach to climate and culture.

  • Jeffrey Finelli

    Jeff Finelli

    Edison Park

    Jeffrey Finelli is entering his 6th year as principal of Edison Park Elementary which is located on the northwest side. Entering his 19th year in education, he is excited to listen to and share what he has learned with others by means of the Principal Advisory Council. He is most interested in providing input on how the district can better improve clarity and efficiency when it comes to what is expected of administrators on a day-to-day basis.

  • Jeremy Feiwell

    Jeremy Feiwell


    Jeremy Feiwell is in his 17th year as the principal of Cárdenas School located in Little Village. He is an instructional leader, who focuses on using teacher collaboration, student data, and high expectations to create a successful learning environment for all students.

  • Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson


    Jessica Johnson is humbled to serve the Pilsen community as the Principal of Perez Elementary. Jessica is honored to be the representative for the Network 7 school communities and support the leadership voices serving the Pilsen/Little Village/North Lawndale neighborhoods.

  • Jonas Cleaves

    Jonas Cleaves

    Noble Johnson CP

    Jonas Cleaves is entering his fourth year as Principal of Johnson College Prep and 14th as a school leader. He is committed to preparing students of the Englewood community for a post-secondary life that will enhance their community and the city of Chicago.

  • Dr. Kamilah Hampton

    Kamilah Hampton


    Dr. Kamilah Hampton is entering her fifth year as principal of Richard J. Daley Academy in the Back of the Yards Neighborhood. She joined the principal advisory committee to provide support and further engage her network and community in moving the district forward.

  • Principal Karen Calloway

    Karen Calloway

    Kenwood Academy HS

    Principal Calloway has 21 years in secondary education, and 12 years in administration with a special focus on aligning the best instructional practices that support a rich college-going culture.

  • Dr. Keith W. Adams

    Keith Adams

    Kelvyn Park HS

    Dr. Keith W. Adams is in his 13th year in CPS and his fourth as principal at Kelvyn Park Junior & Senior High School in the Hermosa community. He is honored to be a part of the Principal Advisory Council and will actively engage and represent the KPH Community as we reimagine and envision an equitable school district.

  • Ku-San Q. Thomas

    Ku-San Thomas

    Graham Training Center

    Ku-San Q. Thomas is the proud Principal of Ray Graham Training Center, located in the South Loop community. She is entering her 3rd year as Principal and her 19th in CPS, not to mention she's a proud CPS graduate.

  • Latoya Lyons

    Latoya Lyons

    William Brown STEM Magnet School

    Latoya Lyons has been an educator for 22 years in CPS and is the principal of William H Brown STEM Magnet School in the Near West Community on Chicago’s west side. She joined the Principal Advisory Council as she believes in the district’s vision and wants to be an active contributor to the change process.

  • LaKenya Sanders-Sharpe

    LaKenya Sanders-Sharpe

    Collins HS

    LaKenya Sanders-Sharpe is the visionary principal of The Collins Academy High School. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” –Malcolm X. Principal’s Sharpe commitment to the Principal Advisory Council is rooted in the belief that all neighborhoods, and their students, deserve schools that are supported equitably to make the future bright for all students.

  • Macquline King

    Macquline King


    Macquline King is entering her 28th year with Chicago Public Schools, sixteen of those years as a principal. Throughout her tenure with CPS, she has served in various neighborhoods across the city. Currently, Macquline is leading Courtenay Language Arts Center in the Uptown Neighborhood, serving a community that is rich in diversity and heart.

  • Maria Gamboa

    Maria Gamboa

    Multicultural Arts HS

    Maria Gamboa is in her 5th year as Principal of Multicultural Arts High School on the Little Village Lawndale HS Campus. As a first-generation college graduate, Maria believes that quality and equitable education are at the core of students’ success.

  • Marquita Curry

    Marquita Curry

    KIPP Ascend

    Marquita Curry is the proud Principal of KIPP Ascend Primary in North Lawndale. Ms. Curry passionately believes that all children deserve a world-class education and that here in Chicago we have great work happening in our schools. She is grateful to be in her 4th year as Principal, as she continues to advocate for the students, families, and teachers of North Lawndale.

  • Michael Hinton

    Michael Hinton


    Michael Hinton is the very proud Principal of the Thomas Hoyne Fine Arts Elementary School located in Calumet Heights on the southeast side of Chicago. In his nearly 9 years serving the Hoyne community and 24 years with CPS, Principal Hinton’s passion for learning and leading is on full display each and every day. As a member of the Principal Advisory Council, he plans on bringing that same passion as we all lead our district to the next level of achievement and leadership.

  • Otis Dunson

    Otis Dunson

    Armstrong, G

    Otis Dunson is the principal of George B. Armstrong School of International Studies in the West Ridge neighborhood. Principal Dunson is excited to start his 16th year as principal with CPS and hopes to share and grow the unique perspective he has developed over the years leading one of the most diverse neighborhood schools in the city.

  • Dr. Safurat Giwa

    Safurat Giwa


    Dr. Safurat Giwa is the very proactive, positive, and energetic principal of The John J. Pershing Magnet in beautiful Bronzeville. Dr. Giwa is joyful and very fortunate to start her 10th year as principal and her 30th year with CPS.

  • Tamika Ball

    Tamika Ball

    Gage Park HS

    Tamika Ball is in her 6th year as Principal at Gage Park High School and has been part of the district for 18 years. She is most encouraged by learning with her peers and has a laser focus on providing students in neighborhood high schools with rigorous academia, social-emotional learning, and field experiences to enhance their interest in engaging in early college and career opportunities, setting them up for successful futures beyond high school.

  • Principal Tanyelle L. Hannah

    Tanyelle L. Hannah


    Principal Tanyelle L. Hannah empowers, leads, learns, and loves at the “aMAYSing” Benjamin E. Mays Academy located in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. She has proudly served CPS for 16 years and is entering her fourth year as principal. Principal Hannah grounds her leadership in providing equitable opportunities for all, building on diversity, and solution-oriented practices.

  • Tara Shelton

    Tara Shelton

    South Loop

    Tara Shelton is entering her 19th year leading South Loop Elementary School. She is honored to support her colleagues as a member of the Principal Advisory Committee.

  • Tiffany Tillman

    Tiffany Tillman

    Melody STEM

    Greetings to all, as the proud Principal of Melody STEM in West Garfield Park.
    I am honored to represent Network 5 and look forward to supporting and sharing input on current issues and concerns within Chicago Public Schools.

  • Vanessa Williams-Johnson

    Vanessa Williams-Johnson


    Vanessa Williams-Johnson has served the DuBois School community on the city’s Far South Side since 1990 as a teacher and administrator. Serving as Principal for 18+ years continues to be her most rewarding role, bringing together all stakeholders in unity around the school’s motto, “Mustangs in Pursuit of Excellence”. Leaders are born at DuBois School and they spread their wings to lead others across the great city of Chicago.

  • Yashika Tippett-Eggleston

    Yashika Tippett-Eggleston

    Air Force Academy HS

    Yashika Tippett-Eggleston, EdD Servant leader Principal & Academy Superintendent of the Air Force Academy HS is a resourceful visionary professional with the proven ability to establish and create high-performing educational schools that fosters a collaborative, structured, safe, and productive learning environment that promotes diversity, equity and encourages continuous improvements for teachers, students, parents, and all stakeholders.

  • Yasmeen Muhammad

    Yasmeen Muhammad


    Yasmeen Muhammad is the humbled leader of Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School. She has passionately served Chicago Public Schools for 18 years and is driven by the Masai greeting, “And how are the children?” and will not rest until we can respond, “All the children are well.”