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Educational Standards

Educational standards specify what students should know and be able to do in core subject areas to be college and career ready. All CPS school curriculums align to the same educational standards.

While every CPS school is responsible for adopting its own curriculum, CPS core values guide school curriculum choices and drive district-wide consistency across content areas and grade levels.

Our core values prioritize ensuring equity; meeting individual student academic, social and emotional needs; and maintaining high academic standards based on Common Core Standards and Illinois Learning Standards. These standards emphasize the 21st-century skills that employers demand, such as analytic thinking, creative problem-solving, and effective teamwork.

Well-designed classroom assessments accompany the curriculum to help teachers better monitor student progress. The district also provides professional development to improve teachers’ ability to engage and support students in mastering curriculum content.

Content Area Standards/Frameworks/Strategies

WIDA (ELD & EELD, as applicable)

World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (ACTFL Standards)

Illinois Learning Standards

Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards


Illinois Arts Learning Standards

English/Language Arts

Illinois State Standards

Spanish Language Arts/Standards

Common Core en Español or SLA/Literacy or WIDA Spanish Language Arts standards


Illinois State Standards


Illinois Learning Standards - Science (Next Generation Science Standards)

Service Learning

Service Learning in CPS

Service Learning FAQ

Taking Informed Action

Social Science Illinois Social Science Standards
ISBE Mandate Guidance
World Languages

World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (ACTFL Standards)

Physical Education

SHAPE America Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes

ISBE Physical Development & Health Performance Descriptors

Early Childhood Education

Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (Student Age 3 to 5)

Teaching and Learning


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