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College and Career Planning (Grades 6-12)

It’s never too early—or too late—for students to think about what they want to do after high school. It takes time to research options and prepare for the future, but students don't have to do it alone or all in one year.

Postsecondary Planning Resources

CPS provides tools and resources to help students at every grade level engage in thinking about their future and exploring options and opportunities.

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    Learn.Plan.Succeed. is the district's initiative and graduation requirement for ensuring all students develop and commit to a postsecondary plan prior to high school graduation. This graduation requirement ensures all students have a concrete plan for life after high school, whether they choose to attend college, start a job, enlist in the military, or take a gap year.


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    Chicago Roadmap

    The Chicago Roadmap is an unprecedented partnership between CPS and City Colleges of Chicago to support students along a seamless path to and through college on the way to their chosen careers.


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    Financial Aid

    CPS offers financial aid information, tools, and resources to help students and their parents learn how to pay for college, training programs and other opportunities that are part of their postsecondary plans. 


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    High School Planning

    Choosing a high school is a challenging and important decision in every student’s life. High school is a critical time for students to grow intellectually and personally.


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    School Counselors and College/Career Coaches

    Students and families best resource for College & Career Planning are the School Counselors and College/Career Coaches at your school. These professionals are highly trained and equipped with many tools to support you and your family with postsecondary planning.

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    Credit Recovery

    CPS offers additional programs and supports to help high school students make up credits or address absences to stay on track for graduation.

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    DREAMer Support

    We provide services to support immigrant student populations, including DREAM training, school-based student DREAMer clubs, and the CPS scholarship fund.

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    Alumni Support

    Graduates of CPS can still access many supports for their college and career planning. A new website is in development but reach out for more information at

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    SchooLinks Planning Tool

    CPS students use SchooLinks to explore their interests and think about their futures. By starting conversations and exploration as early as possible, CPS prepares students to make decisions about their life after high school graduation.

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Planning for the Future – Guidelines for Students and Families

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