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Network Leadership

Network Chiefs

  • Julie McGlade

    Julie McGlade

    Network 1

    Julie McGlade, chief of Network 1, is committed to serving the principals, staff, students, and community members while supporting teaching and learning and fostering community engagement. She believes that students succeed in classrooms that have high academic expectations, are safe spaces for learning, and where administrators and staff work collaboratively to help all children achieve their educational goals.


  • Estuardo Mazin -

    Estuardo Mazin

    Network 2

    Estuardo Mazin serves as the Chief of Network 2 with over 20 years of experience working for Chicago Public Schools. He is committed to helping and working alongside principals and school staff to support high academic and social-emotional learning standards for all students through professional adult learning and coaching.

  • Jennifer Farrell-Rottman

    Jennifer Farrell-Rottman

    Network 3

    With over 20 years of experience in the district, Jennifer Farrell-Rottman is grateful for the opportunity to support the work of students, families, educators, and administrators as the Chief of Network 3. In her role, Jennifer utilizes her counseling background to develop trauma informed, responsive school cultures that promote positive student-teacher relationships and high-quality instruction. In addition, Jennifer values strong community partnerships and stakeholder engagement.


  • Jerry Travlos

    Jerry Travlos

    Network 4

    As a proud CPS graduate, Dr. Jerry Travlos is a public education advocate and believes in the unlimited potential of students, teachers, and school leaders. For 30 years, he has worked as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and deputy network chief.

  • Shontae Higginbottom

    Shontae Higginbottom

    Network 5

    A 25-year veteran of CPS, Shontae Higginbottom serves the students and staff of Network 5 by providing leadership development and instructional support. Shontae is dedicated to developing lifelong learners who are equipped to compete in an internationally diverse society.


  • Dr. Ethan Netterstrom

    Network 6

    Dr. Ethan Netterstrom is a strong advocate for high quality educational experiences for Chicago’s students that are both engaging and meaningful. He is an anti-racist leader who has worked to center students who have historically been most marginalized. Ethan is excited that he has been selected to lead the Network 6 Team. As Network 6 Chief of Schools Ethan will strive to coach and mentor school leaders as they create equitable learning environments for their school communities.

  • Antonio J. Acevedo image

    Dr. Antonio Acevedo

    Network 7

    As the chief of Network 7, Dr. Antonio Acevedo supports 17 elementary schools by helping principals create strong systems that promote professional learning and improve student outcomes.


  • Gilberto Piedrahita

    Gilberto Piedrahita

    Network 8

    Gilberto Piedrahita has proudly served CPS for more than two decades. As the Chief of Schools for Network 8, he is committed to supporting school leaders and staff in implementing and monitoring strategic plans that help meet student achievement goals and address student and staff well-being. Before this role, he was Deputy Chief, principal, assistant principal, and classroom teacher.

  • Alene Mason image

    Alene Mason

    Network 9

    Alene Mason is the Chief of Schools for Network 9. A 23-year veteran with CPS, she has served in various leadership roles with the District throughout her career. Most recently, Mason was the Deputy Chief of Schools for Network 9, and, prior to that, she was a principal, assistant principal, and network math and science coach teacher leader.

  • Mira Weber

    Mira Weber

    Network 10

    Mira Weber serves as the Chief of Network 10. She works closely with school leaders on overall school readiness and improvement to ensure welcoming, inclusive learning environments for staff, students and the community. She is also the very proud parent of two CPS students.

  • Annise Lewis

    Dr. Annise M. Lewis

    Network 11

    Dr. Annise Lewis has been appointed to serve as Chief of Schools for Network 11. As a dedicated professional educator with twenty years of instructional and organizational leadership experience working in public urban educational settings, Annise started her career as a teacher in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and went on to serve as an Assistant Principal and district leader before moving to Chicago.

  • Shenethe Parks

    Shenethe Parks

    Network 12

    Shenethe Parks has proudly served CPS for more than two decades. In her current role, she supports the continued development of school leaders, educators, and instructional support teams that serve over 9,000 students on the Southeast Side of Chicago. She values partnerships with families and community stakeholders as she strives to accelerate achievement and impact growth by meeting the needs of all students.


  • Dr. Terrycita D. Perry

    Dr. Terrycita D. Perry

    Network 13

    Dr. Terrycita D. Perry was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. She is a product of the Chicago Public Schools system, attending Dixon Elementary School and Chicago Vocational High School (now CVCA). Dr. Perry has a long personal and professional history with Dixon School. Having spent her formative years there as a student, she returned and dedicated many more as a teacher (7 years),

  • Dr. Laura LeMone

    Dr. Laura LeMone

    Network 14

    As chief of schools, Dr. Laura LeMone is committed to serving the principals, faculty, staff, families, and communities of Network 14. Her priority is to continue enhancing opportunities for post-secondary education so that students of all levels are challenged to do their best. Laura strives to support the leaders in Network 14 to create strong and vibrant school communities for each student.


  • Michael Boraz

    Michael Boraz

    Network 15

    Michael Boraz was appointed as the chief of schools for Network 15 after serving as the principal of Lincoln Park High School (LPHS) for nine years. As network chief, Michael is responsible for developing, coaching, and supervising principals.


  • Devon LaRosa image

    Devon LaRosa

    Network 16

    As the chief of Network 16, Devon LaRosa supports high school leaders to ensure that all students receive a world-class education that prepares them for postsecondary success. This role is a natural transition from his previous role at Deputy Chief of Network 16, where he built strong relationships with high schools across Chicago’s South, Southwest, and West Sides.

  • Myron Hester

    Myron Hester

    Network 17

    Myron Hester is the chief of schools for Network 17. In this role, he supports high schools on Chicago’s South Side by partnering closely with school administrators to ensure that students receive high-quality learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Options Network

  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    Chief of Options Schools

    Richard C. Smith Jr., served the CPS system for the last 28 years in several roles. I served as a custodian, CPS truck driver, substitute teacher, special needs teacher (Autistic Population, Behavior Disturbed), Dean of students, Assistant Principal, Principal, School Transition Administrator, Deputy Chief of Network 17, Acting Chief of Network 17, and currently as of 8/5/2022 newly hired Chief of Options Schools.