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Parent University

Parent Universities provide learning experiences to empower families to support their student's academic success, and to assist parent/guardians in furthering their own education and developing new skills.

Parent Universities offer parents, guardians, and community members learning and training programs on a broad array of topics at CPS school sites across the city at no cost.

Class, workshop, and event offerings include understanding Common Core, GED, ESL, parenting skills, health and wellness, nutrition, understanding Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel), financial literacy, job search, and career development strategies. 

Each Parent University is equipped with a computer lab, a parent resource room, an office area, and an activity room.

Parent University Website


Parent University Campuses

One Parent University campus serves each of 13 CPS Networks. While Parent Universities foster relationships within their communities, CPS welcomes and encourages you to attend events and programs at any Parent University campus. 

  • Network 1:  Albany Park Parent University 
  • Network 2: Rogers Park Parent University 
  • Network 3: Austin/Westside Parent University
  • Network 4: Avondale Parent University 
  • Network 5: Humboldt Park Parent University
  • Network 6: University Village Parent University 
  • Network 7: Pilsen/Little Village Parent University
  • Network 8: Back of the Yards Parent University 
  • Network 9: Bronzeville Parent University
  • Network 10: Ashburn Parent University 
  • Network 11: Auburn Gresham Parent University 
  • Network 12: South Shore Parent University 
  • Network 13: Pullman Parent University

To find out which Network is associated with your child’s school, use the Network Locator.

View map of Parent University campus locations.

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