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Re-Engagement to High School

CPS provides pathways for students to get back on track to receive their high school diploma.

Options Schools

Student with their hands in their pocket image

"I have been out of school, but I am ready to come back."

Student with an armful of papers image

"I am a parent, and I want a school that can support me as I finish high school."

Laughing student wearing a backpack image

"I was expelled, but I want to finish school. Where can I go?"

Student slightly smiling image

"I have been involved in the juvenile justice system, and I want to go back to school. Where can I go for help?"

Student grinning image

"I am behind on credits, and I need help getting back on track toward graduation."

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"I have a job, and need a school that works around my schedule."

Options Schools serve students who have been out of school and seek to return, or who may need opportunities to earn credits in an accelerated program. Some of our campuses offer additional supports such as counseling and alternative schedules for students who may work during the traditional school day.

Options Schools include 10 Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs (ALOP) and SAFE Schools. 

  • ALOP offers personalized re-entry options and comprehensive educational services to students who have become disengaged from the school system.
  • SAFE schools allow students temporarily removed from school for behavioral violations to continue to receive credits for their studies through alternative educational placements.

Student Outreach and Re-Engagement (SOAR) 

SOAR has four citywide offices to help students ages 15 to 21 determine the best Options School placement and provide them with support on the pathway to graduation. 

As part of the program, students participate in a two-week re-engagement workshop, receive a transcript evaluation and graduation plan, participate in school placement meetings, and transition into a selected school of transfer designed to meet their academic needs. 

A Re-Engagement Specialist will check in with the student and school bi-weekly to receive reports on behavior, attendance, and grades. Students are supported to reach stable school enrollment in order to stay on track to graduate.

Students interested in enrolling in the Options Schools program should contact one of the Student Outreach And Re-engagement Centers (SOAR), or email Erinn Bonne, the Re-Engagement Program Manager, at

SOAR Center Locations

The Student Outreach And Re-engagement Centers (SOAR) of CPS will help you find a school that works for you. Contact them today to speak to a specialist:

Location Name Phone Address
Pilsen/Little Village SOAR Center 773-542-9030 3948 W. 26th St., Suite 213
East/West Garfield Park SOAR Center 773-265-0560 2622 W. Jackson Blvd., 2nd Floor
Roseland SOAR Center 773-291-1086 837 W. 119th St.
Englewood SOAR Center 773-358-3248 945 W. 69th St., 2nd Floor

Options Schools

  1. CAMELOT - EXCEL ENGLEWOOD HS  7736756654   7141 S Morgan Chicago, Illinois 60621
  2. CAMELOT - EXCEL HS  7736298379   1257 W 111th St Chicago, Illinois 60643
  3. CAMELOT - EXCEL SOUTHSHORE HS  7739027800   7530 S South Shore Dr Chicago, Illinois 60649
  4. CAMELOT - EXCEL SOUTHWEST HS  7734240721   7050 S Washtenaw Ave Chicago, Illinois 60629-1924
  5. INSTITUTO - JUSTICE HS  7738908060   2570 S Blue Island Ave Chicago, Illinois 60608-4817
  6. LITTLE BLACK PEARL HS  7736905500   1060 E 47th St Chicago, Illinois 60653
  7. OMBUDSMAN - NORTHWEST HS  7086697828   7500 N Harlem Ave Chicago, Illinois 60631
  8. OMBUDSMAN - ROSELAND HS   10928 S Halsted Chicago, IL 60628-3128
  9. OMBUDSMAN - SOUTH HS  7734985085   6057 S Western Ave Chicago, Illinois 60636
  10. OMBUDSMAN - WEST HS  3122431550   2401 W Congress Pkwy Chicago, Illinois 60612
  11. PATHWAYS - ASHBURN HS  7734346300   3284 W 87th St Chicago, Illinois 60652
  12. PATHWAYS - AVONDALE HS  7735885007   3100 W Belmont Ave Chicago, Illinois 60618
  13. PATHWAYS - BRIGHTON PARK HS  7735791220   3124 W 47th St Chicago, Illinois 60632
  14. PATHWAYS - HUMBOLDT PARK HS   2421 W Division Chicago, IL 60622-2941
  15. PEACE AND EDUCATION HS  7735359212   4946 S Paulina St Chicago, Illinois 60609
  16. SIMPSON HS  7735347812   1321 S Paulina St Chicago, Illinois 60608
  17. YCCS - ADDAMS  3125631748   1814 S Union Ave Chicago, Illinois 60616
  18. YCCS - ASPIRA PANTOJA  7732520970   3121 N Pulaski Rd Chicago, Illinois 60641
  19. YCCS - ASSOCIATION HOUSE  7737727170   1116 N Kedzie, 4th Floor Ave Chicago, Illinois 60651
  20. YCCS - AUSTIN CAREER  7736266988   5352 W Chicago Ave Chicago, Illinois 60651
  21. YCCS - CAMPOS  7733428022   2739 W Division St Chicago, Illinois 60622-2854
  22. YCCS - CCA ACADEMY  7737622272   1231 S Pulaski Rd Chicago, Illinois 60623
  23. YCCS - CHATHAM  7736511500   9035 S Langley Ave Chicago, Illinois 60619
  24. YCCS - INNOVATIONS  3129999360   17 N State St Chicago, Illinois 60602
  25. YCCS - LATINO YOUTH  7736482130   2001 S California Ave Chicago, Illinois 60608
  26. YCCS - MCKINLEY  3129495010   2920 S Wabash Ave Chicago, Illinois 60616
  27. YCCS - OLIVE HARVEY  7732916517   10001 S Woodlawn Ave Chicago, Illinois 60628
  28. YCCS - PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP  7733633837   6620 S Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr Chicago, Illinois 60637-3210
  29. YCCS - SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT  7739211315   4651 W Madison St Chicago, Illinois 60644
  30. YCCS - SULLIVAN  7739788680   8164 S South Chicago Ave Chicago, Illinois 60617
  31. YCCS - TRUMAN  7739074840   1145 W Wilson Ave Chicago, Illinois 60640
  32. YCCS - VIRTUAL  3124290027   1900 W Van Buren St Chicago, Illinois 60612
  33. YCCS - WEST  7732610994   4909 W Division St Chicago, Illinois 60651
  34. YCCS - WEST TOWN  3125639044   500 N Sacramento Blvd Chicago, Illinois 60612
  35. YCCS - YOUTH CONNECTION  3122254668   3424 S State St Chicago, Illinois 60616
  36. YCCS - YOUTH DEVELOPMENT  7732242273   7836 S Union Ave Chicago, Illinois 60620

For additional information or support in enrolling a student in an Options School,  please contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation at 773-553-1530, 42 W. Madison, Chicago, IL 60602.

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