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High School (Grades 9-12)

CPS offers a wide variety of high-quality high school programs across the city to meet the needs, interests, and goals of all Chicago students.

High School at CPS

CPS offers more than 160 programs for students in ninth through 12th grade, in addition to the general education program offered in neighborhood high schools.  

All CPS high schools offer rigorous curriculum, extracurricular activities, and counseling resources that help students plan and prepare for success in life after graduation. Some courses and programs enable students to earn college credit and work experience while still in high school.

School Profile Search

Find detailed info about a school, including programs and admissions requirements, after school activities, family support services, and school performance reports.

School Locator

Find your neighborhood schools, view neighborhood attendance boundaries, and conduct proximity searches to find the CPS schools nearest you.

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Learn more about your neighborhood high school and other programs across the city to find the one that best fits your student’s interests, needs, and goals.

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Apply for Next Year

Students interested in any CPS program or high school in the city other than the general education program at their neighborhood high school must apply via GoCPS or by paper application. Students attending the general education at their neighborhood school are also encouraged to submit an application.

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