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CPS’ Three-Year Blueprint


Recommitments & Reimagining

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality public education for every child, in every neighborhood, that prepares each for success in college, career, and civic life.

Renewing Our Approach

After several challenging years dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this Blueprint is our call to action — to ensure a strong recovery for our students and seize the opportunity to create a better, more equitable District. It builds on the important work outlined in the five-year strategic plan that was developed with our community in 2019 in two key ways: by acknowledging our obligation to do more to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, and by confronting longstanding challenges and opportunity gaps that impact our students and our communities.

There are Two Main Sections of this Blueprint:
Recommitments & Reimagining.


Our district has three overarching commitments that drive our work: Academic Progress, Operational Excellence, and Building Trust. Within each priority area, we are outlining our Recommitments — proven strategies that we are using in the immediate term and beyond to help our students and school communities fully recover from the pandemic.


The strategies contained in the Recommitment section of our Blueprint are essential to support our students’ recovery from the pandemic in the immediate term and set them up for future success. But the bottom line is that these recommitments on their own will not be enough to eradicate persistent opportunity gaps and address longstanding challenges in our District. We need to Reimagine what is possible for our District and work together to co-create solutions for our students and families.

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Our Core Values

These core values will continue to guide the work we do every day for our students. They will also guide our planning and practices as we work together with our educators, families, and communities to implement the programs, services, and initiatives detailed in this Blueprint.

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Student Centered

We place students at the center of everything we do.

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Whole Child

We support our students so they are healthy, safe, engaged, and academically challenged.

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We eliminate barriers to success and ensure equitable opportunities for all students.

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Academic Excellence

We provide diverse curriculum and programs with high academic standards to prepare students for future success.

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Community Partnership

We rely on families, communities, and partners in every neighborhood to shape and support our shared mission.

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Continuous Learning

We promote an environment of continuous learning throughout CPS for students, teachers, leaders, and district staff.

Graduate Profile
The Graduate Profile is what we aspire for our graduates to be. Ideally, when students graduate from CPS, they possess the knowledge and skills to pursue their interests and achieve their postsecondary goals.

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Ethical and Collaborative Leaders

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Inquisitive Learners

Empowered Decision Makers Icon

Empowered Decision Makers

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Engaged Community Members

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Adaptable and Independent Thinkers