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Emergency Management Plans

Chicago Public Schools works to ensure the safety of students and staff by developing actionable emergency plans for every CPS school.

Each school has a customized emergency management plan that includes emergency protocols, contact information, communication procedures, and evacuation plans. Emergencies include situations such as school lockdowns, tornadoes, fires, or allergies.

Teachers, administrators, staff, and students have trained and routinely complete drills using these plans so they will be prepared in the event of an emergency.

What to Expect in an Emergency

  • The school administration’s priority is to handle the immediate emergency at hand, including engaging emergency responders such as Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Department, if appropriate.
  • As soon as possible, school administration will send parent notification to phone or email contact info on file and to communicate the incident.
  • If it is necessary for students to leave the school and transfer to another location that is different from the school, school administration will send parent notification and school staff will follow an orderly plan to make sure that each child is released at a specified location on campus to a parent or approved adult who has been previously designated by the parent.

School Safety and Security


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