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Strategic Initiatives

We’ve launched key strategic initiatives to achieve our ambitious five-year vision of an equitable, inclusive, supportive, and responsive district that provides a rigorous, high-quality education for every child, in every neighborhood. These initiatives are transforming our schools and lifting our students to new heights.

The Chicago Families Forward Fund

Families have been through a lot over the last year due to COVID-19. Removing barriers to school is very important. The City and CPS would like to help.


Chicago Connected

Chicago Connected is a groundbreaking program that will provide free high-speed internet service to approximately 100,000 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students.


Group of young students learning on ipads

Healthy CPS

Healthy CPS seeks to eliminate health-related barriers by providing schools with guidance and support to adhere to state and district health and wellness policies.


A CPS student attends class

Equity at CPS

To achieve the CPS five-year vision, the district established equity as a core value that drives our commitment to eliminate barriers to success and ensure equitable opportunities for all students.


Elementary school students working on laptops

Curriculum Equity Initiative

The Curriculum Equity Initiative is a comprehensive plan for resources, programs, policies, structures, and technologies.

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Annual Regional Analysis (ARA)

The Annual Regional Analysis (ARA) was created to provide families with a clear set of information about schools in your community.


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Lead with CPS

Through Lead with CPS, you will learn how roles across the district are aligned to a universal set of leadership competencies and discover opportunities to develop in those areas.

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Teach Chicago Tomorrow

Teach Chicago Tomorrow recognizes that many of our students have a dream to teach, and works to connect them with programs and resources that will help them achieve that dream in CPS.


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Accountability Redesign

CPS is completely redesigning its predecessor – School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP). Accountability Redesign is a completely new way of looking at school ratings and plays an important part in the district’s Five-Year Vision.



CPS has embarked on a long-term effort to transform itself into a more healing-centered district to ensure collective wellness for all CPS students, staff, families, caregivers, and communities.

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Community Partnerships

The Community Partnerships Office works closely with school community stakeholders to advance CPS’ Five Year Vision and build processes that empower communities to improve educational opportunities in their neighborhoods.


Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together is an unprecedented investment to address students’ social and emotional needs, accelerate student learning, and prepare students for success beyond the pandemic through a holistic, equity-based approach.

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Energy and Sustainability

CPS is committed to conserve, protect, and sustain our natural resources by implementing programs that reduce our consumption of energy and water, minimize the generation of waste, and increase the renewable resources used throughout the district.