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Elementary (Grades K-8)

CPS elementary schools strive for academic excellence while providing an engaging and supportive learning environment where every child can flourish.

Elementary Schools at CPS

Elementary schools serve children who live in Chicago from kindergarten through eighth grade. Families can choose from their neighborhood elementary school, or they may apply to attend any other CPS school across the city that their student is eligible for and has available seats.

Neighborhood schools have geographic boundaries and serve all students who live within the boundaries. Schools without attendance boundaries are open to any child in the city. These schools may have a special curriculum focus that emphasizes arts, language, science, and other academic subjects, or offer an accelerated curriculum for academically advanced students.

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Find detailed info about a school, including programs and admissions requirements, after school activities, family support services, and school performance reports.

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Learn about what your neighborhood elementary school offers and explore other schools across the city.

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Enroll This Year

If your student will start kindergarten at your designated neighborhood school, or you have accepted an offer at another school, enroll your child before the start of the school year. All students transferring at any grade level must also enroll at their new school.

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Learn about applying to programs and schools that interest you for your child.

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