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Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy is a fully remote learning option that serves a limited number of students with a medical condition as documented in an IEP or 504 and would benefit from a virtual learning environment.

The application for the Virtual Academy is open until July 1, 2022. After that date, applications will be considered for those with a new medical diagnosis or new to the district with an accompanying IEP or 504.

How to Apply

  1. Complete Interest Form.
  2. Contact licensed medical provider to complete Referral Form.
  3. Submit Referral form to:
  4. Questions can be sent to

Program Overview

The Virtual Academy serves students PreK - 12th from district run schools who have a medical condition that results in virtual being a better learning format. Instruction is aligned to the CPS Skyline curriculum. All instruction in the Virtual Academy is in compliance with Illinois School Code 10-29. Students will be enrolled for one academic year. All students not enrolled in the Virtual Academy will attend in person learning next year.

Virtual Instruction

Classes will be offered in a 100 percent virtual format, and will include community building, self paced and movement breaks.

  • Instruction will be provided by CPS teachers. Candidates interested in the Virtual Academy may apply at
  • Students in district-run schools will retain their seat in the CPS school they would have attended in the fall of 2021 for as long as they are enrolled in the Virtual Academy. 
  • Enrollment will be for the academic year. 
  • Special education and bilingual services will be available through the Virtual Academy.
  • While the Virtual Academy will offer as many course options as possible, some specialized programs may not be available.
  • The Virtual Academy will offering after school tutoring, SEL support and various clubs.

The Virtual Academy

1326 W. 14th, Pl
Chicago, Illinois 60608