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Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy is a fully remote program that serves a limited number of students with a medical (physical & mental health) condition that would benefit from a virtual learning environment.

The Virtual Academy is currently accepting students on a rolling basis.

How to Apply

  1. Complete Medical Referral: [ English | Spanish ]
  2. Submit Referral: Submit online or Fax 773-534-9468.
  3. Questions:

Program Overview

The Virtual Academy serves students PreK - 12th from district-run schools who have a medical condition that results in virtual being a better learning format. Instruction is aligned with the CPS Skyline curriculum. All instruction in the Virtual Academy is in compliance with Illinois School Code 10-29. Students will be enrolled for one academic year. Students can reapply annually.

Virtual Instruction

Classes will be offered in a 100 percent virtual format and will include community building, self-paced, and movement breaks.

  • Instruction will be provided by CPS teachers. Candidates interested in the Virtual Academy may apply at
  • Students in district-run schools will retain their seat at the CPS school they are currently enrolled.
  • Enrollment will be for the academic year. 
  • Special education and bilingual services will be available through the Virtual Academy.
  • While the Virtual Academy will offer as many course options as possible, some specialized programs may not be available.
  • The Virtual Academy will offer after-school tutoring, SEL support, and various clubs.

The Virtual Academy

1326 W. 14th, Pl
Chicago, Illinois 60608