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Parent Engagement

CPS recognizes parents and guardians provide invaluable support and are our partners in preparing their children for success. Engagement opportunities empower families to participate in student education and the school community.

Authentic parent/guardian, family, and community engagement in schools is key to increasing student achievement and readiness for college, career, and life. CPS is entirely committed to engaging our families and school communities to make certain they are informed, inspired, and ready to partner with us to ensure students in all neighborhoods have access to well-resourced schools.

We facilitate parent and community stakeholder groups, leadership training workshops, and learning programs in the areas of academics, social skills, community resources, and capacity building. These engagement opportunities serve to:

  • Increase student achievement
  • Build partnerships with parents and community
  • Effectively communicate district initiatives
  • Empower parents to participate in decisions regarding the education of their children
  • Encourage parents to take leadership roles within the school community
  • Close the communication gap between families and the communities
  • Establish a pipeline to resources/services

Explore the many ways you can get involved with your student's learning and school community.

Parent Engagement Opportunities

Translation Services

CPS offers families school-related information in their preferred language, and can provide parents/guardians with a translator for some meetings relating to their student. For translation services, contact your school.

Parent Support Centers

When you're not sure who to call for information or assistance, we can help provide a solution or refer you to the appropriate resources.

Parent Support Center Main Line