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Reporting Harassment, Misconduct, or Abuse

Chicago Public Schools works to ensure the school district is free from sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.

Students who have concerns about sexual misconduct, harassment, or abuse can report to CPS OR receive confidential support.

Report to CPS

Office of Student Protections and Title IX (OSP)
OSP will work with you to hear your report, investigate, and create safety measures at school. OSP can also provide guidance on reporting to the police, or getting other supports such as counseling.

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
833-TELL-CPS (833-835-5277)
The OIG investigates sexual misconduct and harassment concerns involving staff, volunteers, and other adults you meet at school.

Receive Confidential Support

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline
The Rape Crisis Hotline provides survivors of sexual violence and their caregivers immediate support, crisis intervention and referrals for the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Students and parents should review Important Things to Know About Student Rights Under Title IX and How to Report Sexual Misconduct to learn more.

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Title IX School Representatives

Title IX School Representatives are school-based staff with specialized training on how to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct concerns. They can be identified using our Title IX School Representative Directory.

CPS Policies

The Office of Student Protections and Title IX (OSP) Procedure Manual outlines the procedures for the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging sex/gender discrimination, sexual misconduct or retaliation, all of which are prohibited by Title IX. The OSP Procedure Manual is incorporated in the district’s Comprehensive Non-Discrimination and Harassment and Retaliation Policy.

Additionally, this OSP manual supports these CPS policies:

Office of Student Protections & Title IX

Camie C. Pratt, JD
Chief Title IX Officer
CPS Title IX Coordinator


110 N. Paulina St.
Chicago, IL 60612