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Board Office

The Board Office supports the Chicago Board of Education in its mission.

Board Office


1 North Dearborn
Suite 950
Chicago, IL 60602

The Board Office supports Chicago Board of Education members in the following ways:

  • Support and increase the capacity of Chicago Board of Education members to govern CPS
  • Increase public access and engagement with Chicago Board of Education members
  • Strengthen transparency of CPS policies, operations, and initiatives
  • Lead execution of all administrative responsibilities of the Board Office

Responsible for:

  • Administering Chicago Board of Education meetings, including releasing meeting agendas, registering speakers and attendees, recording meeting proceedings, and logging Board actions
  • Hosting Board member office hours to allow the public to speak with Board members regarding important issues
  • Maintaining Board rules, policies, and the CPS archive
  • Executing and processing contracts, agreements, and legal instruments
  • Providing supports and services to key stakeholders, including and phone service