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Attendance and Truancy

Families, with the support of teachers and schools, help students achieve strong attendance records and lay a solid foundation for future success in school and after graduation.

Download Absence Forms

Reason for Absence Note


E-Absence – a new way to report excused absences – is now live. Parents and guardians can now submit, schedule and track your student’s absences through the Aspen Parent Portal. You can sign in to your account at ASPEN.CPS.EDU and start using the E-Absence feature today.

Watch this video to see how to submit absence requests in Parent Portal

To access Parent Portal, you must:

  • Be listed as a contact for your student in the Student Information System.
  • Have a valid email in the student’s contact records.
  • Request and submit the validation code sent via email.

Don’t have an account? Contact your school clerk to register for an account today. You can also learn more at

Family Involvement

Families can help children achieve good attendance and stay on track at every grade level by:

  • Understanding CPS attendance expectations
  • Making sure their child is prepared for the school day
  • Notifying the school when their child stays home

On-Time Arrival

Arriving at school on time can make the entire day run smoother for students. When students are late, they can feel rushed, frustrated, and behind. 

  • For elementary school students, being on time means that when the bell rings, students are in line with their class.
  • For high school students, being on time means that when the bell rings, students are in their classroom seats.

Students who are tardy must obtain proper documentation from the school office before proceeding to class.

School Attendance Procedures

  • Elementary schools take attendance during the first hour of the school day.
  • If a parent has not notified the school of a child's absence, a school representative will phone the home of the student during the second hour of the school day.
  • CPS District absentee robocaller automatically phones the home of every absent elementary student, even if their parent/guardian has previously informed the school of the absence
  • High schools take attendance during each class, but they are not required to call the home of absent students.

Family Vacations

Families can plan vacation travel and other commitments during holidays and on other non-attendance dates. For non-attendance dates during the school year, view the District Calendar.

Supporting Student Attendance

There are many ways to support your student’s attendance at school. Find out how to stay informed, get involved, and help your student maintain good attendance.