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Department of Arts Education

The CPS Department of Arts Education works to ensure that every Chicago Public Schools student receives a high-quality arts education by creating conditions at the classroom, school, district, and state level that allow the arts to grow and flourish.

Department of Arts Education


42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60602

Responsible for:

  • Creating districtwide policies, guidelines, and resources to improve the quality, quantity, and equity of arts education in schools
  • Developing and evaluating curricular materials and tools that drive achievement for all students in the visual and performing arts
  • Offering robust arts professional learning opportunities for all CPS teachers to support high-quality, standards-based arts teaching and learning across the district
  • Offering free, high-quality performing and visual arts programs for all CPS students, including All-City Performing Arts, All-City Visual Arts exhibitions, and All-City Music Festivals
  • Offering advanced arts coursework opportunities for CPS high school students through the Advanced Arts Program at Gallery 37
  • Working with citywide organizations (including Ingenuity) to establish, grow, and sustain arts partnerships that benefit CPS students in and outside of school