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Department of Procurement

The Department of Procurement provides schools with the best options for purchasing the highest quality goods and services at the best price.

Department of Procurement


773-553-2251 (Fax)

42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60602

The Department of Procurement works with schools, departments, vendors, and stakeholders to provide goods and services of the highest quality and value for the district. We are dedicated to meeting our goal through competitive pricing while adhering to relevant laws, Board of Education rules, policies, and procedures.

Responsible for:

  • Collaborating with schools and departments on competitive solicitations for desired goods and services
  • Managing purchasing projects that are presented to the Board of Education for approval
  • Onboarding vendors to the CPS system
  • Streamlining internal procurement processes and creating the framework to proactively engage our schools, stakeholders, and key suppliers in year-over-year continuous improvement activities

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Office of Business Diversity (OBD)

As a major employer and purchaser of goods and services, CPS is committed to the goal of enhancing economic opportunities for certified minority-owned and woman-owned business (M/WBE) enterprises in the Chicagoland area, by promoting access to procurement opportunities within Chicago Public Schools.



Keep Improving District Services (KIDS) Program

We work continuously to identify opportunities for improved services, cost reductions, and more efficient ways to provide services throughout the district.

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