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CPS Libraries provides support for school libraries, teacher librarians, library staff, and print and digital resources districtwide. We also act as the district's liaison to the Chicago Public Library.



CPS Garfield Park Office
2651 W Washington Blvd
2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60612

CPS teacher librarians support teaching and learning in every subject area and at every grade level by providing innovative instruction and curating print and digital resources in order to provide flexible and equitable access to physical and virtual collections and resources that support the curriculum and meet the diverse needs of all learners. Librarians are vital stakeholders who ensure that students are empowered to be enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, critical thinkers, powerful communicators, effective collaborators, and ethical content creators.

CPS teacher librarians are leading the charge to develop and curate teaching and learning materials to support the digital curriculum system. CPS Libraries are focused on information literacy skills, not just the tools. Great content can be elevated and enhanced by tools and resources, creating an engaging learning experience. We are a resource for teachers, administrators, and parents to better understand and teach skills related to information and digital literacy.

OUR MISSION Navigating, curating, creating, to design more robust and effective instructional experiences.


CPS Libraries

In partnership with librarians, the Libraries Team equitably provides culturally relevant training, resources, networking opportunities, and develops pipelines to grow libraries and librarianship within Chicago Public schools. The CPS Libraries resources includes:

  • School Library Catalogs
  • Library Databases
  • Explore! Websites
  • eBook Libraries
  • Research Resources

Soar Virtual Library

The CPS SOAR Virtual Library provides a wealth of digital resources to support teaching and learning. These resources are available to all CPS students from home and school. The virtual library includes:

  • SOAR library catalogs of the print and digital collections of almost 400 CPS schools
  • CPS Virtual Elementary and High School Libraries of 16,000 eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • Online databases with digital collections of reference, journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; video and audio clips; primary source documents; graphs, maps, and charts; and more
  • CPS Professional Virtual Library

Explore Soar