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The Office of Literacy works to ensure that all CPS students have equitable access to opportunities to develop advanced literacy skills so they are prepared to succeed after high school.



501 W. 35th St., 1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60609

We are committed to supporting teachers and schools in providing literacy instruction to every CPS student that builds on students’ lived experiences, capitalizes on their cultural and linguistic assets, and requires students to reason deeply and problem solve creatively. We live by the mantra, “More reading. More writing. More talking. More thinking.”

We also want to support your involvement as a parent in your child’s literacy education. We all know that children do better academically if what they’re learning in class is reinforced at home, but that is not always easy. So to help you help your child get the best literacy education possible, explore the parent-friendly resources we’ve listed under Related Links. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are here to help!