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Office of Employee Engagement (OEE)

The Office of Employee Engagement (OEE) ensures effective administration of employee grievances, collective-bargaining provisions, Board policies and rules, and employee discipline to facilitate compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.

Office of Employee Engagement

The OEE's main duties include presiding over discipline hearings, and investigating and adjusting grievances filed by labor unions.

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For questions or concerns regarding discrimination, which include sexual harassment and retaliation, please reach out to the Equal Opportunity Compliance Office.

Additional Contacts

  • Equal Opportunity Compliance Office



    42 W. Madison St.
    Chicago, IL 60602

  • Office of Inspector General


    773-534-9401 (Fax)


    567 W. Lake Street
    Suite 1120
    Chicago, IL 60661

  • Office of Student Protections and Title IX



    110 N. Paulina St.
    Chicago, IL 60612