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Office of the Inspector General

The Office of Inspector General for the Chicago Board of Education is the independent oversight body for Chicago’s public, contract, and charter schools.

Office of the Inspector General


773-534-9401 (Fax)

567 W. Lake Street
Suite 1120
Chicago, IL 60661


The Inspector General strives to ensure integrity in the operations of Chicago Public Schools by conducting meaningful, accurate, and thorough investigations into allegations of waste, fraud, financial mismanagement, and employee misconduct. 

The OIG also reviews CPS systems, practices, and procedures to determine their efficacy in preventing waste, fraud, and financial mismanagement. 

Sexual Misconduct Complaints

The Office's Sexual Allegations Unit investigates allegations of sexual misconduct by a CPS-affiliated adult, including employees, contractors, vendors, and charter schools, where the victim is a CPS student and/or a minor.

​View CPS Sexual Allegations Reporting Procedure

Additional Contact Information

  • Sexual Allegations Unit

    833-TELL-CPS (833-835-5277)

  • Fraud Hotline

    773-48-FRAUD (773-483-7283)