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Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering

The Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering program prepares students for college and entry-level jobs in modern manufacturing. Pathways in manufacturing and pre-engineering develop students’ science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

Enrolling in the Manufacturing and Engineering program will give students the opportunity to understand how industry and technology work together to create and package things we use every day like cars and computers. Some of the manufacturers students study are Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Chrysler, BMW, and Pfizer.

Manufacturing and Engineering Certifications Available

  • MSSC (Quality and Continuous Improvement)
  • OSHA 10 Hour General Industry
  • MSSC (Safety)
  • NIMS (CNC Milling Operator)
  • NIMS (CNC Turning Operator)
  • NIMS (Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout)
  • NIMS (Manual Drill Press Operations)
  • NIMS (Manual Milling)
  • NIMS (Measurement, Materials, and Safety)


Machine Technology

In the Machine Technology program, students will be introduced to various technical applications in a lab while working hands-on with industrial equipment.


In the Pre-Engineering program, students will be exposed to all areas of the engineering industry, including design and drafting, structural concepts, product design, and production technology. Not only will students have the opportunity to design and create models with their hands, but they will also be taught how to use computer design software to analyze and evaluate their plans. After students master the lessons and techniques taught in class, they will get the chance to develop an original product or machine design and see their ideas come to life.

Schools with Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering Programs

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