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Sophomore Connection

The past year has been a challenge for many students learning remotely and living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Sophomore Connection is a new program that will help second year high school students make up courses and get back on track for high school success.

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July 6 – August 13, 2021

Students can catch up with classmates on field trips and through other fun activities. They will have the opportunity to meet with school staff, including teachers and school counselors, to review graduation requirements and expectations. Additional information on credit recovery classes will be shared; plus, students can work on action plans for getting back on track and/or staying on track for graduation.

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Get more information on this program and learn how schools will select students to participate.


Program Locations

Review the list of available Sophomore Connection locations to see if your school is offering the program.

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  1. AIR FORCE HS  773-535-1590   3630 S Wells St Chicago, Illinois 60609
  2. AMUNDSEN HS  773-534-2320   5110 N Damen Ave Chicago, Illinois 60625
  3. AUSTIN CCA HS  773-534-0660   231 N Pine Ave Chicago, Illinois 60644
  4. BACK OF THE YARDS HS  773-535-7320   2111 W 47th St Chicago, Illinois 60609
  5. BOGAN HS  773-535-2180   3939 W 79th St Chicago, Illinois 60652
  6. BRONZEVILLE HS  773-535-1150   4934 S Wabash Ave Chicago, Illinois 60615
  7. CHICAGO ACADEMY HS  773-534-0146   3400 N Austin Ave Chicago, Illinois 60634
  8. CHICAGO VOCATIONAL HS  773-535-6100   2100 E 87th St Chicago, Illinois 60617
  9. CLARK HS  773-534-6250   5101 W Harrison St Chicago, Illinois 60644
  10. CLEMENTE HS  773-534-4000   1147 N Western Ave Chicago, Illinois 60622
  11. COLLINS HS  773-534-1840   1313 S Sacramento Dr Chicago, Illinois 60623
  12. CORLISS HS  773-535-5115   821 E 103rd St Chicago, Illinois 60628
  13. CURIE HS  773-535-2100   4959 S Archer Ave Chicago, Illinois 60632
  14. DISNEY II HS  773-534-5010   3900 N Lawndale Ave Chicago, Illinois 60618
  15. ENGLEWOOD STEM HS  773-535-3685   6835 S Normal Chicago, Illinois 60621-2535
  16. FENGER HS  773-535-5430   11220 S Wallace St Chicago, Illinois 60628
  17. FOREMAN HS  773-534-3400   3235 N Leclaire Ave Chicago, Illinois 60641
  18. GAGE PARK HS  773-535-9230   5630 S Rockwell St Chicago, Illinois 60629
  19. HARLAN HS  773-535-5400   9652 S Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois 60628
  20. HUBBARD HS  773-535-2200   6200 S Hamlin Ave Chicago, Illinois 60629

Enrollment Info

School administrators will automatically enroll and contact the students that will participate in this program. In you want to learn more about eligibility and enrollment, use our search to contact your school.



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