Tech Resources for Remote Learning

Prepare for Remote Learning

Get Internet access

Your student may need Internet access to participate in remote learning classroom activities. For help on choosing an Internet service provider or using your mobile device as a hotspot, read Getting Connected to the Internet. [Chinese | Spanish]

Know how to use your device

Students can use any personal device that can connect to the Internet to access CPS remote learning materials and participate in classroom activities. Chrome and Safari web browsers are recommended for accessing CPS web resources.

For students who have received a CPS-issued device, please refer to the following guidance to get started:

Access your CPS account

Students should log in to their CPS account at to access their CPS email or Google Classroom to receive classroom instructions from their teacher.

All students are issued a CPS account upon enrollment, however, students who have never logged in to their account will need to activate the account before they can access their email and other CPS applications. Students can set up this account on their own or ask their parent or guardian for help.

Familiarize yourself with Google communication tools

Teachers will let you know which tools they will be using for classroom activities. These are some of the ways in which teachers may communicate with students:

Review CPS’ Acceptable Use Policy

The policy provides guidelines and standards of behavior for the use of the CPS network, devices, digital platforms, and communications and interactions among CPS staff and students.

Download remote learning packets and enrichment resources by grade level at

Troubleshooting Guidance

CPS-issued Device

Service examples:

  • Not powering on
  • Slow to start up
  • Not charging


Call CPS Parent Tech Support Hotline
7:30 am - 4:30 pm


Go to the online Parent Tech Support Portal any time for tech support help files and to submit service requests for your student's CPS-issued device.

Internet Service

Service examples:

  • I am having trouble with my Internet service.
  • I want to use my mobile phone as a hotspot.
  • I need Internet access.


Contact your Internet Service provider for support (e.g., Comcast, AT&T).


Read Getting Connected to the Internet [Chinese | Spanish], which provides information on free and low-cost service options and instructions on how to set up a mobile phone as a hotspot.

CPS Accounts

Service examples:

  • My student cannot access their CPS account.
  • My student needs their password reset.
  • I can’t log in to the Aspen parent or student portal.


Follow the instructions for Changing or Resetting a Forgotten Password [Arabic | Chinese | Polish | Spanish | Urdu] to reset your student’s password.


Contact your student’s school if additional assistance is needed.

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