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Chicago Public Schools Hosts Medicaid Benefits Renewal Event for CPS Families

25 May 2023

Families representing eight CPS schools renew their Medicaid coverage 

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CHICAGO – Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today hosted a Medicaid benefits renewal event at Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy to help District families update their healthcare coverage. During the COVID-19 public health emergency, families receiving Medicaid were automatically re-enrolled in the program. Beginning this spring, families now need to take action to renew their Medicaid benefits. To ensure students and families maintain these necessary services, CPS hosted today’s school-based enrollment event to help families navigate the Medicaid enrollment process.

“Events like this are extremely important to District families who look to their schools as a resource, not only for their child’s education, but also for important public information to help them make decisions for themselves and their families,” said CPS CEO Pedro Martinez. “Thanks to the leadership of the Office of Student Health and Wellness and our District partners, we’re able to provide essential resources to the school community.”

During Thursday afternoon’s enrollment event, families were connected with trained Medicaid enrollment navigators to assist them in confirming their eligibility and enrolling or renewing their benefits. Navigators provided support to families in both English and Spanish and were able to assist with both their own and their child’s benefit enrollment. Families from Spry Community School, Spry Community Link High School, Hammond, Farragut, Instituto Health, Kanoon, Finkl, and Telpochcalli joined Saucedo students and families at the event. No appointments were needed, and walk-ins were welcomed.

“I am proud of our work in providing families with accessible and time sensitive information about issues that impact their health and their child’s health,” said CPS Chief Health Officer Dr. Sofia Adawy Akintunde. “Medicaid is the single largest provider of healthcare services for our students. Over 70 percent of CPS students are covered by Medicaid. We will continue to work with our community partners to ensure that our students continue to receive these essential medical benefits.”

The State of Illinois began mailing out Medicaid renewal forms this month. To support this effort, the District is encouraging families that currently receive Medicaid benefits to make sure their contact information in the state’s database is correct so they can receive their renewal form and to check their mailbox regularly for important renewal forms. Once a family receives their renewal form, they should fill it out and send it back as soon as possible to prevent any loss in Medicaid coverage.

To update their Medicaid contact information or view their renewal form online, CPS families should:

● Visit

● Click “Manage My Case” to log in to your account.

● Verify and update your mailing address under “Contact Us.”

CPS will continue to communicate with families throughout the spring, summer, and fall with important information about Medicaid renewal to ensure that everyone who is eligible for Medicaid can access these important health benefits. For more information, families can call the Healthy CPS Hotline at (773) 553-KIDS (5437) or visit