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Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago Partner for Second Annual “CCC Enrollment Days”

17 May 2023

CPS Students Headed to City Colleges of Chicago Register for Classes 

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CHICAGO - Chicago Public Schools (CPS) seniors who are headed to City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) in the fall can register this week for classes, resources, and supports they may need to be successful on the campus of their choice. Called “City Colleges Enrollment Days,” this second annual opportunity aims to help CPS seniors become more comfortable on a CCC campus with time to meet and socialize with future classmates, and even take home some college swag.

“We’re proud to partner with City Colleges to ease and strengthen the transition to college,” said CPS CEO Pedro Martinez. “We want to ensure that our seniors are supported as they lock into their plans and make all the necessary connections to resources and people who will help them succeed.”

The “Enrollment Days,” May 15, 16, and 17, reflects one of the many initiatives under The Chicago Roadmap, an unprecedented partnership between CPS and CCC to support students along a seamless path to and through college on the way to their chosen career. The partnership aims to transform the relationship of CPS and CCC from a successful collaboration to full convergence to help expand access to high quality programs, advising and supports. Ultimately, this convergence looks to dramatically and equitably increase student outcomes in college readiness, enrollment, persistence, degree attainment, and employment.

While the District-wide four-year graduation rates continue to increase - now at 82.9 percent - many of Chicago’s students still face barriers to college enrollment, college readiness, college completion, and economic mobility. Nearly 2,000 students from 100 CPS schools will participate in Enrollment Days. As part of improving access to college, the Chicago Roadmap is covering the cost of transportation to CCC campuses during Enrollment Days.

“City Colleges of Chicago offers students academic excellence, affordability, and flexibility,” said Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago. “Enrollment Days is a good opportunity for seniors interested in STEM careers to better understand all City Colleges have to offer and how we holistically support them in this pathway.”

More than 1,200 members of the CPS class of 2023 have already applied for a Star Scholarship through the City Colleges of Chicago. These students are eligible to pursue a degree or certificate at CCC for free, including tuition, books, and course materials. Star Scholars’ college graduation rates are nearly double the national average.

Last year, the Chicago Roadmap introduced the “Options for the Future Scholarship” program where any CPS-affiliated Options high school graduate will have their tuition and books paid for (after financial aid) for up to three years, as long as they enroll at CCC in the fall following their high school graduation. CPS Options schools are designed to be a unique learning model for students who are not engaged in a traditional high school and seek an alternative pathway to graduation that leads to college and career success.

Enrollment at CCC for the CPS Class of 2022 increased by 3 percent from the prior year to about 16 percent, as both systems emerged from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. CCC enrollment also shows new or continued growth among Black and LatinX students, with 87 percent of CPS CCC female students in 2022 identifying as Black or Hispanic and 96 percent of CPS CCC male students identifying as Black or Hispanic.

On May 23, CPS and CCC will celebrate more than 600 CPS seniors who have earned 15-plus hours of college credit through the Dual Credit Program.

The Chicago Roadmap is made possible thanks, in part, to generous philanthropic contributions made to the Children First Fund: The Chicago Public Schools Foundation and the City Colleges of Chicago Foundation, with special thanks to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bluhm Family Foundation, CME Group Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Joyce Foundation, Kathy Bolhous Foundation, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, and Salesforce Foundation.

To read the full Chicago Roadmap Progress Report, go to For more information about initiatives led by the Department of Office of College and Career Success, please visit