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Community Goals

The Community Goals include step-by-step guides to achieving six common community goals. These goals were identified during focus groups with Community Action Council (CAC) leaders and parents as common objectives within our communities, and each of these goals present an opportunity to begin applying the methods in this toolkit. These six goals are a starting point for testing how to use the toolkit to plan from the community level up.

Each guide includes descriptions of which methods from the toolkit to use and in what order, who should be involved, and how these methods will fit into an overall project timeline.

There are three beginner goals and three intermediate goals. The beginner goals use easier methods and are a great place to start. The intermediate plans introduce methods that are a bit more complex and may require additional practice depending on your comfort and familiarity with the methods in the toolkit.

To begin exploring these plans, click on one of the goals below.

Didn’t find a goal to meet your needs? Contact your CPS Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Manager for assistance or with questions about the plans.