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Joint efforts to solidify the attendance system are done in cooperation with the following CPS departments:
Networks Provide implementation and accountability support to schools in the execution of core attendance strategies, in partnership with central office.
Social and Emotional Learning Assist in communicating resources available and develop schools to support students' social and emotional development; create a positive and supportive school culture.
Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Serve as liaison between school, network, central office, and community-based organizations to create meaningful and monitored partnerships and to support school-based implementation.
Accountability Provide accurate and quality date reports and communication to support data-based decision-making at schools, network, and central office.
Information Technology Services Create and maintain data systems that provide quality information for data-based decision-making around attendance
Teaching and Learning Offer guidance and support around engaging, high-quality, meaningful instruction based on the universal design principles for all grades Pre-K through 12.
Safety and Security Support management of safe environments in schools and neighborhoods through security and Safe Passage.
Health and Wellness Provide training, guidance, and direct health services that support healthy school environments and the individual needs of students facing health-related absences.
Procurement Support budgetary oversight and assist in contract work around truancy reduction.
Transportation Facilitate commuting for qualified students and support relationship with CTA.
Related Service Providers Nurses, psychologists, and social workers inform and support attendance interventions.
School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising Apply knowledge of students and their needs to support attendance interventions.
Students in Temporary Living Situations Support schools and networks with solutions to attendance barriers to STLS students, including the provisions of services such as transportation, school uniforms, school supplies, fee waivers, and referrals to community resources.
Policy and Procedures Provide clarity and guidance around district policy in order to maintain consistent and fair messaging and execution.
Legal Provide guidance to ensure student, family, and school interactions are fair and aligned with city, state, and/or federal law.