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Attendance Teams

The school attendance team serves as a formal body that meets around attendance and the attendance needs of a school.

CPS Attendance Team Expectations

The attendance team values and goals can live in the existing meeting structures (i.e., MTSS, ILT) that thrive at the school already. Within this setting, school issues, district initiatives, data trends, and specific students are discussed for the purpose of prevention, intervention, and improvement.

Schools should aspire to reach 95% or better overall attendance. In order to do this, a group of participants invested in the day-to-day workings of the school should have designated time to discuss and determine necessary actions. CPS requires all schools to hold attendance team meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

The Attendance Team:

  • Has an administrator as a present member who values the attendance team as a collaborative solution team
  • Consists of members that are representative stakeholders of the school
  • Meets twice a month at the minimum
  • Focuses on discussions around attendance
  • Is driven by data
  • Asks “tough” questions
  • Holds each member accountable
  • Assigns and follows up on Action Items with clear owners and deadlines
  • Establishes a team of trust that is results-oriented
  • Regularly submits documentation of their meetings and progress
  • Communicates regularly with the school community as to the progress and decisions of the Attendance Team
  • Follows professional protocols that allow for active listening and a safe, trusting environment
  • Asks thoughtful questions that will provide for reflection, improvement, and/or sharing
  • Follows-up on the recommendations of the review session to determine if action was taken
  • Collects documentation of the session;
  • Is clear as to the expectations and/or format of the review sessions