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COVID-19 Data for SY21-22

As we track the impact of COVID-19 at CPS, we’re sharing data about cases and testing to keep the public informed about how the pandemic is affecting the district and its community. The information below corresponds to the 2021-22 school year.

Actionable Cases

Actionable case counts represent all confirmed COVID-19 cases, including those that were reported as a result of a test taken inside of a school and those self-reported outside of a school. Case counts are not a measure of transmission in schools and numerous studies have shown that schools are not sites of significant COVID-19 transmission.

This information is updated after impacted individuals are notified.

On September 20, CPS discovered a data issue in its reporting platform producing duplicate cases within the Actionable Cases graph below. Cases that were either reported more than once or were later withdrawn due to this issue have now been removed from the total case count.

Total Reported Actionable Cases


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Information About Reporting and Terminology

  • Number of Cases Reflected: Previous daily and weekly case counts may change as outstanding cases are closed. Some cases involve individuals who were present in multiple schools. In those cases, the individual is reflected in each school visited where there were close contacts. For that reason, the total number of individuals who tested positive will not match the school-by-school totals in this chart.
  • Please note that last year the district had a number of pod impacts. As our students have returned to five days a week of in-person education, pod data are no longer available.
  • Data Entry & Case Confirmation: The data represents confirmed, actionable cases reported as a result of testing inside of a school or self-reported outside of a school. Data corresponds with the dates of confirmation of the case and subsequent notification to the school community, not when an individual began reporting symptoms.

Staff and Student COVID Screening Testing Data


Download Screening Data


  • Tests Administered: The total number of staff and students tested through the COVID-19 screening program for the range of dates above.
  • Tested Positive: The total number of student and staff PCR tests that returned a result of confirmed positive through the COVID-19 screening program. The number of positive cases does not include self-reported cases. Confirmed positive cases are also reflected in the Actionable Reported Cases graphics above.
  • Invalid: The total number of student and staff PCR tests that returned a result of failed or inconclusive through the COVID-19 screening program.